self.action(“Join the Game”);

August 30, 2010

After reading Artur’s blog post about becoming a supporter of KDE at the Join the Game website, well…I had to shake the rust off and move into action.  A program that sends you a game board piece as a token of appreciation?  Where have I been?

I went to the site and signed up immediately.  The signature from Cornelius is probably worth 50 euro alone.  Or so I assume based off the money I made on ebay from his “SCO is forever” cocktail napkin sketch at the Dublin akademy.

What good is Wade joining if he doesn’t also crank out a massive amount of  images hosted at his usual location to celebrate his new KDE sponsorship? (Massive = eight)

7 Responses to “self.action(“Join the Game”);”

  1. bq Says:

    Pinky and the Brain reference! Great! 😉

  2. Dario Says:

    The second one totally made me smile 🙂 Brilliant concepts, as always

  3. castarco Says:

    Hello, what’s exactly that initiative?

    A page to collect donations? Or a page for people who wants paid support? :p

    If it’s the second option I think that would be interesting making translations (the final users often don’t know other languages than their native languages)

  4. sebas Says:

    @castarco Join the Game is KDE’s campaign to sollicit donations to the KDE e.V., the organisation behind the KDE community. has more details, including *why* you should become a supporting member

  5. Great pictures Wade! You rock!!!!!!! 😀


  6. Framp Says:

    There is a little error in the second image: “Is there.. ?”

    Great, they look professional btw 🙂

  7. […] have blogged about their experiences, and about 4 Earth months ™ ago I blogged here about signing up for KDE’s Join the Game program.  I even churned out some Join the Game […]

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