I actually cannot believe that people actually check this page, but WordPress keeps telling me that people actually click to see who Wade Olson is or what he writes about himself.

Maybe my therapist, case worker or parole officer are just monitoring me.

I started this blog specifically to discuss Open Source and the KDE community.  Can you believe that I could cover such diverse topics in only one blog?  Me neither.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Wade,

    If one wants to email you, how would I go about it?

  2. Steve Says:

    Hey saw your Lifetime Tri post. Do you live in AZ and If so are you part of the PLUG

  3. wadejolson Says:

    Steve: Nope I did the Minneapolis tri.

  4. Baumranger Says:


    since I didn’t find any email address of yours I try it through your “about” page (lately you said pleas use my gmail email but I didn’t find that one).

    I don’t know under which license you licensed your KDE “promotion” pictures but in either case I stumbled upon a picture on the net that was using parts of the “let’s all be different together” picture.

    Since you are in the oss-community I assume you don’t care this much but at least they should have named the origin (you) of the picture and print the license with it.

    Before making any more accusations please contact me through mail to show you the picture in question and in general it would be good to know under which license the promotion pictures are licensed.


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