“Join the Game” ack received

December 27, 2010

Others have blogged about their experiences, and about 4 Earth months ™ ago I blogged here about signing up for KDE’s Join the Game program.  I even churned out some Join the Game images , for example:

Pieces of the KDE puzzle - no cheating!

Well, between then and now, I received the confirmation of my subscription/membership/joinification.  A few photos later with my Sony a55 that I’m still figuring out, and here we are.  Full disclosure: I bumped the contrast and brightness a bit.  Not to photos look more realistic, but to make it look like my hardwood floors have been cleaned properly in the last year.  Moving on:

Factory sealed for maximum freshness.

Ta da!

Don't reverse engineer that address

Hello world

Your move


Now, if you’ll refocus your attention from trying to reverse engineer my address from the photo when you could just look it up.  Or from wondering why I would take photos on my floor when I should be using a professionally lighted studio.  Or calculating the shipping costs, raw materials, labor involved to determine the overall KDE net proceeds.  Or if sending money to KDE is the only way to get Cornelius to acknowledge you any more (in my case: yes).  Or if that really is a subtle reflection on the floor of the number 86 from the back of the pawn piece you’ve found using CSI: Alabama’s photo enhancing lab (enhance! Oh, and yes there is – how very clever of you).

We need to discuss what may have so far not been the center of your attention: That I’m #86.  This is not bragging.  Being in the first 100 does not entitle me to much besides getting to use future versions of the software (currently using KDE SC 4.11 and it’s awesome).  My point is that, and I’m dangerously assuming a simple sequential membership – I would much prefer to be member 86,000.  Have you signed up?

We should be setting some aggressive goals for member acquisition.  If you’ve read any of the KDE quarterly reports (thanks Claudia and contributors), you’ll know how prudent/fiscally responsible the board (and in turn the eV) is with KDE’s funds.  Even Wikileaks has come up empty (Celeste your Porsche secret is safe with me).  Help fund developer sprints, trade show attendance and equipment, and conferences.  Find others who will do the same.


3 Responses to ““Join the Game” ack received”

  1. T___U Says:

    Hmm, actually, my number is above 100 and I received it a couple of months ago 🙂

  2. Jean Says:

    Thanks to you, I just subscribed to the “Join the Game”. I like KDE software and want to encourage them to continue their good job !
    It’s been a long time I considered supporting KDE and your post was the declic!

  3. wadejolson Says:

    T: You have discovered that I am not the fastest blogger. 🙂

    Jean: I’m glad that you enjoy the KDE community and you’re able to contribute financially.

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