Where’s Wald^H^Hde?

January 16, 2010

Hola, amigos.  It’s been a long time since I rapped at ya.  The standard statement of “I know I haven’t blogged in a while, but…” really applies here.  My last posting was February, 2009.  That’s almost a human earth year.  I mentioned my busy life on some of the KDE mailing lists (and tagged off to Troy), but to others I simply vanished.  And I’m sure there was much rejoicing.  What happened in Wade’s version of 2009 to keep him away from his beloved community?

  • Weeks after Camp KDE in Jamaica, Sebas presumably won the laptop longevity contest.  He and I had purchased nearly identical Thinkpads years ago.  In February 2009, a cat who shall remain nameless who belongs to a wife who shall remain nameless – said cat knocked over a glass of water on my laptop sending it to an early grave.  One machine down.
  • Then my desktop PSU died and memory along with it.  Other machine down.
  • Next, I found out the hard way that Marcus Hanwell’s wife Louise had a contagious pregnancy in Jamaica.  I didn’t contract this condition, but my new wife Molly did.
  • In June, I snuck out to NYC for a weekend to see Franz.  Good times.  Pictures to follow.
  • Nesting instincts immediately kicked in, and Molly prudently decided that our current neighborhood was no place to welcome a new child.  Heroin dealer?  Yes.  Down-on-his-luck military veteran in hiding before he gets a call from the government to take on a new generation of Yakuza?  Possibly.  New child?  Not really.  We spent all spring and summer completely renovating the house: every single room in the house got new plaster walls, ceiling and refinished hardwood floors, the kitchen was remodeled, the exterior painted, new landscaping and a new roof.   I cannot tell you how time-consuming and bank account consuming this effort was.  Ask me sometime about Wade + machete vs. 3 meth heads in his back yard.
  • On July 3, my German Shepherd Falco died unexpectedly due to intestinal twisting that larger dogs can get.  Anyone who knows me well knows how much I freaking loved this dog.  He was only 5 and it really sucks.  Molly and I were really excited to see how he’d be a big brother to the new kid.
  • Also this summer, at work I received a sizable promotion.  Because life at the office wasn’t busy enough.  Taking care of a couple Duggar families worth of developers?  Exhausting.  Enough leverage to begin changing the mindset of a Fortune 25 company with like-minded leaders?  Compelling.
  • Triathlon life continued: Did several and expanded to Half-Iron distance.  I’m now training for the 2010 Ironman in Nice.  If my body stays healthy.
  • In the fall, Molly and I got a new house much more suitable for family life.  Where is it?  Hint: It is the city that the Walsh family was originally from in Beverly Hills 90210. (Protip: Two mortgages at the same time is not as the fRench used to say: supercool)
  • On November 15, I got a son.  Blake is awesome.  And healthy.  Sleeping on the hospital bed though, threw my back out in the most painful way (weeks of muscle relaxers).  Molly for some reason was not interested in hearing about the pain I went through during his birth. Women.
  • That brings us to the holiday season.  Mayhem.

So here we are.  This was easily my busiest year ever, and the only computer I had was my work PC (which they lock down to the point of worthlessness).  Even my hosted email server wasn’t (and still isn’t) functional for most of the year.  I have to apologize for those that have sent me emails only to get dead silence.  I saw Markey ask about a new Amarok splash screen opinion far too late.  Which one was picked?  I still don’t know.  I saw Anne ask for some updated art work.  Hope I can respond soon.  In total, the only social access I had was via a facebook app for my iPhone.  Crazy.  In the short term, if people need to contact me, use my gmail address.  The others are not yet working again.

Well, the home PC is currently running (for how long we don’t know) and I have internet at the new house, so I figured I had better post in this narrow window of opportunity.  Next next steps are to post the seriously outdated Jamaica Camp KDE photos and those documenting Franz’ NYC journey.  Just because I’ve been silent doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about you all.  Give yourselves a hug for me.  Zack, get to second base with yourself for me.  Hopefully the new year brings some much needed sanity and time for KDE.

Family subtractions and additions (RIP FALCO!):

This year’s goal is to subtract two cats and add one German Shepherd puppy.


8 Responses to “Where’s Wald^H^Hde?”

  1. Glad to hear from you, and congratulations on the son! I also lost a good companion (a husky) last year, and she unfortunately could not meet my son as well… Guess Finland in July is out of question?

  2. nixternal Says:

    Now in Minneapolis I take it 🙂 Yeah, I was a super fan back in the day :p Sorry to hear about your dog, he was gorgeous. Congrats on the new son! Glad to see you back around again.

  3. Wade, wade. I just don’t know what to say, you’ve been busy indeed. But still – we had to do without your inspiring personality and crazy blogs and emails – which is painful… Here at Camp KDE, we’re suffering from having no Wadie…

    We miss you 😉

    Take care, love the little darth vader & molly but make room in your schedule for us please 😀

    Oh and thanks for the update – it’s good to know what’s been going on in your life.

  4. wadejolson Says:

    @ Mauricio: Sorry to hear about your husky. And no, it’s not looking good for akademy, although I’d love to see Finland.

    @nixternal: It takes a strong man to admit that!

    @jos:I used to live right next to UCSD, so it’s tough not being there right now. I love La Jolla.

  5. @Wade:

    For licensing reasons, we couldn’t use any of your images, unfortunately. It appears that you used photos from other sources, which did’t have an appropriate license (CC-Something).

    We ended up using this one, from a different artist:

  6. Welcome back! Really happy to read your unique humor on on PlanetKDE again!

  7. sebas Says:

    Congrats on the son to your son to you and Molly! (You know that gearheads sacrifice their firstborn to the pantone300c-colored demi-gods?)

    Sorry to hear about Falco and the laptop. Mine actually suffered a very similar accident I’ve learnt never to put a pint of water which I usually have on my desk into falling distance to any critical hardware. My beloved T60 did survive this though. And another water accident, and falling of various furniture. It’s alive and kicking (and so is the cat, although for a brief moment, that wasn’t an entirely safe assumption).

    The T60 actually has drain holes (spot the holes marked with a small embossed raindrop under the machine), so water you pour into the keyboard can rinse through the laptop. When the water was poured into it (I’d assume 200ml of it), my initial reaction was “Ah, gotta see if those drainholes work!” and when it went black on second after that “Whoops :(“. After a night on the heating to dry out completely, it would happily boot again. I’m typing this on the very same T60 which has been my reliable companion for nearly four years now. A shame yours didn’t survive, it’s a very nice machine.

  8. In my defense I was not aware there was a contagious form of pregnancy. Although now you mention it the KDE Edu team was infected – Carsten’s wife had their baby literally a few days before Louise had ours. Then there was Mauricio some time later. We are missing you at Camp KDE, but glad to see you are getting on well.

    If you are ever in upstate New York we would be happy to have you guys over now that the infectious pregnancies seem to be over. Sorry to hear about the dog, Dax is seven now and I dread him getting ill. Take care, and keep posting the cute photos of little Darth!

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