Release Event – Speech links

January 20, 2008

Hello everyone – much more blogging to be done on the topic of the release event. But for now, as it’s 1am, I will simply pass along the links to the primary talks on the 18th:

KDE 4.0 Release Event Keynote – Aaron Seigo
KDE 4.0 Release Event – Haarvard Nord
KDE 4.0 Release Event – Paul Adams
KDE 4.0 Release Event – Linux MCE
KDE 4.0 Release Event – Jeremy Whiting
KDE 4.0 Release Event – Kyle Cunningham and Aron Stansvik
KDE 4.0 Release Event – Jeff Mitchell

Many thanks to Erica Baker of Google for her work on uploading these videos. I need to hunt down Inge’s KOffice talk tomorrow.

Note: The videos were taken by Google staff due to Google’s filming policy.  They dropped the results into Google videos as soon as they could (their own product) to provide access for everyone asking for the videos.  In other words, the videos aren’t in our hands yet (they worked enough over the weekend as it was).   So please, enough about free formats – people are acting as if we had an event that discussed free formats then purposefully dropped them into Google videos because we love being hypocrites.  Please thank Google for their efforts in filming and production work and getting the content to us as quickly as possible.  We will do Theora or whatever when we actually get the footage.


28 Responses to “Release Event – Speech links”

  1. Thomas Zander Says:

    Got any tips for those that don’t have the proprietary flash installed?

  2. tombstone Says:

    thomas: yes, firefox videodownloader bookmarklet –

  3. Carlos Rica Says:

    Yes, and for those of us who have a computer where it doesn’t work at all. I would really appreciate a downloadable version, even in FLV format.

  4. nosrednaekim Says:

    yeah…. please provide downloadable ogg, as I can’t watch flash.

  5. egron Says:

    Gnash or clive maybe.

  6. Persona Says:

    Is it possible to get the speeches’ slides? They are great.

  7. Pedro Carvalho Says:

    ye.. can’t it be put on using at a lower version of flash (that can be seen with gnash)?


  8. mxttie Says:

    as far as i understood from the dot article, the vids will be made available in other formats too (i hope higher def format)

  9. 1052 Says:

    Flash for watching videos is the worst idea ever. For those with a slow or jumpy connection, it keeps stopping, buffering, crashing. Sooo annoying…

  10. Tsiolkovsky Says:

    Hi, thanks for this. I’m missing this talk: Inge Wallin – KDE KOffice. Is it also available? And for sure it would be great to have these videos available in higher quality for download over BitTorrent. For example as Ogg Theora files.

  11. jordanc11 Says:

    Pray that google allows it to be downloaded to ogg ;/

  12. Gusar Says:

    For those of you without flash:

    Use (or other similar service) to download the video. You can then play it back with mplayer or xine.

  13. Diego Says:


    I LOVE KDE 🙂

  14. wget -c –output-document=kde4keynote.mp4 “”

  15. […] to watch, and gives you a very good idea of what the KDE project is trying to achieve with KDE 4. Other presentations have also been put […]

  16. Henrique Rodrigues Says:

    For those who don’t have the proprietary Flash player, such as myself, try pasting the URL of the videos into this following link, then download the correspondent *.flv file, which can be opened with MPlayer or VLC:

  17. I suggest upload the Ogg version with BitTorrent.

    Also, for people without flash & firefox, there’s this site (and the clone to get the FLV (and AVI, MP4 when available)

  18. Sebastian Sauer Says:

    How should bookmarking or downloading the flash-files work better if you just can’t view them cause you are on 64bit what isn’t that uncommon. For sure some may argue that you can still a 32bit environment but imho then it would be even easier to run Windows in KVM/QEmu and look it there (before I give it a try: is that legal at all?)

  19. Jack Carlson Says:

    It was an inspiring and informative event. I hope you all get the format issue solved so you can enjoy the presentations. Anyone who likes and uses KDE should be excited about this release, especially the upcoming 4.1 version.
    Linus, you broke the layout. 😉

  20. Bugs Bane Says:

    Eh? I thought I read that we shouldn’t expect Pixar quality from Peach? From what I’m seeing on that bird, it’s looking pretty dang Pixar quality to me!?…

    I third (fourth?) the motion for a nice hi-res desktop size image of that bird. Come on! Isn’t Sun picking up the rendering tab? 😉

  21. I’ve already downloaded and converted the files to ogg. If someone can give me somewhere to upload them, you wont have problems with flash anymore 🙂

  22. Kevin Kofler Says:

    @Sebastian Sauer: Players like Kaffeine (actually the xine-lib it’s using) have native decoders for FLV (once you get it out of the SWF wrapping). The relevant codecs are patent-encumbered, of course.

  23. danakil Says:

    I just love the KDE logo effect at about 0:01:08, I want it as a login effect !!!!

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  25. Hey all,
    i resp. we do well understand that an open (read: ogg) source of the videos should be available, however getting all videos in our hands (in mp4 format), having weak to no internet connection so far didn’t quite help to get us there.
    I’m litteraly on my way now (waiting in denver to fly back to first frankfurt, then vienna) and as soon as i’m back there i’ll recode and upload them to my server (or any KDE server made available, but so far my server can handle the bandwith as well as the volume – we’ll see)


  26. Great post! I just suscribed to your RSS feed. Your site is kinda messy in my browser. I used Konqueror. Just to let you know.

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