Release Event – Day One

January 18, 2008

Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such events such as “KDE 4.0” and “Lead Paint: Delicious but Deadly.”

I wanted to talk to you about a special event that started today. Walk with me. Yes, let’s walk and talk. Today we started an event that has more traction that a set of Bridgestones and more legs than caterpillars doing the can-can. We had over 80 people show up for the community/BoF/hacking event and will have double that tomorrow. The Google staff (affectionately known as the “the Angels”) have been patient, helpful and generally awesome.

Everyone then went back to the Wild Palms for our mixer. The catered food was top notch and it was cool to see press, enthusiasts, kernel hackers, community members and distros all mixing and mingling. No hovering, hiding, or pack mentality. And no one got knifed. Couldn’t have gone better.

The only two bummers are that 1) Some people can’t show up, and aren’t contacting me about their reservations (which you SHOULD do) and 2) I initially booked myself to give a superstar speech, which I won’t be able to do. Just as everyone thinks that they’re a good driver and good looking and really funny and have a great personality and I can’t believe they didn’t call me from the bar when I gave my mobile number and they promised they’d call and I’m way out of their league and they should be lucky to go out with me…..where was I…oh yeah, I’m confident I’m running at the elite Olympic world-class level when it comes to giving speeches. The type that make men cry and women swoon, and everyone cheers and throws me on their shoulders and marches proudly around the town square. Yeah, that kind.


One Response to “Release Event – Day One”

  1. Hank Miller Says:

    Some people just give speeches because nobody else will and somebody has to. Others give speeches because they love talking. A select few give speeches because they are good enough to be begged to do it (many of these get paid for it, and most of the rest seem to be professional lieres – politicians)

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