Just one more gift

December 29, 2012

You’ve watched A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation on loop.  Your doctor has declared your system to finally be EggNogg-free.  And no one ever found that you slept in a nest of wrapping paper after your present opening frenzy.  So time to start thinking about New Year’s?  Not quite yet.  As posted two weeks ago on the Dot, don’t forget KDE’s Season of Giving.  This year, just like every year, contributors and volunteers churned out software with the timeliness of a watch maker.  And you wonder why the logo has a gear behind the K?  And even though KDE values corporate sponsorship and collaboration, we maintain independence and operate with autonomy thanks in no small part to donations.  Return that blinking sweater you got from your well-meaning aunt, or let someone else buy that round of shots at the bar on New Year’s.  It’s the time of year to say Thank You to KDE and to Join the Game!


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