Join the Game: Membership survey complete

September 3, 2012

Congratulations everyone, you cost me money.  Last Friday, we wrapped up a Join the Game membership survey.  In only two short weeks, we received responses from for over 40% of our membership.  This volume necessitated an upgrade to my account on SurveyMonkey, a step I will gladly take to see all of the great feedback we’ve gotten.  The fact that well over a hundred members took the time to complete this survey shows me quite clearly that such a channel of communication was overdue; better late than never.  Now it’s time to start analyzing the results, sharing and thinking about actions/improvements.  Details to follow.

With increased focus on this program, such as the Dot interview of Gaurav Chaturvedi by Jayson Rowe, JTG has gotten 30 new members in the last 8 weeks.  And the momentum is just starting.


3 Responses to “Join the Game: Membership survey complete”

  1. Enrico Says:

    The requested page “/2012/08/23/gaurav-joined-gamev” could not be found.

  2. talavis Says:

    I just realised one thing I should have mentioned when I answered it: add an easy way of making new payments to the interface when logged in.

    When I log in it says I should pay again in 11 days, but I just can’t find any info of how to do it (might be that I’m just blind, but I think not).

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