Join the Game: July gave us new members

August 4, 2012

Great news:We saw several new members Join the Game in July.  With Akademy and with the recent release of 4.9, I expected to see some additions, but it’s always good to have the supporting evidence.

Welcome to the new members!  I look forward to better understanding the motivation for these recent additions, but won’t be reaching out directly.  So don’t worry, I will not be knocking on your respective doors with a clipboard any time soon.

Instead, there will be a survey in short order to learn more about new members (what are important factors in joining), existing members (what they like, don’t like; what are factors in renewing), potential members (what’s keeping them from joining) and even members that don’t renew (what went wrong).

No need to wait though: if you’ve got ideas to stimulate membership growth or concerns that keep you from joining, reply here or better yet reach out to us on the [kde-ev-campaign] mailing list.


2 Responses to “Join the Game: July gave us new members”

  1. Del Says:

    Where do we find the mailing list? Is it kde-promo? A link is much appreciated 🙂

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