Join the Game: KISS, Analysis Paralysis, Intent and BHAGs

May 10, 2012

I spend my days thinking about such thrilling topics such as RFPs, RFCs, weighted requirement coefficients, prioritizations, reprioritizations and deprioritizations.  (Control your jealousy)

Like any person at any stage in FLOSS contributions, I spend my nights wondering what skills are applicable, beneficial or downright irrelevant (puppet shows anyone?) to the community.  It’s also a worthwhile pursuit to wonder what personal weaknesses can be addressed through practice and effort in a community.

For me, I’ve decided to keep it simple: I want to help Join the Game.  However, all of my mental gymnastics over reviewing, planning, organization, research, communication…has led me nowhere.  As if tactics, strategy and moving chess pieces were the end goals themselves.  And so I ask myself: “Am I trying to actually help KDE, or am I going through just enough motions to make myself feel better like clicking Like on a Kony 2012 video and then sleeping peacefully?”  “Do I want to assemble metrics to educate myself or to talk myself out of a daunting task?”

So I find myself in the prone position of the couch potato that needs to blurt out “I’m going to run a marathon this year!” to force the issue.  With blissful ignorance I’m declaring a personal BHAG: I am going to get 1,000 JTG members for KDE before 12/31/2013.  Let’s hope long before.  But I need a deadline.

I’m now going to look up the current number of members to see whether my declaration is even sensible (“Wade we only have 3 people” or “Good job genius, we already have 14,000” is going to make this post awkward.)  260 made public.  Ok, we can work with that.

To those that wonder if I represent any current JTG community:  I don’t.  I’m just a lazy dude declaring, “I’m going to learn Hindi in 30 days!” to counterattack their symptomatic mental lethargy.

To anyone currently involved in JTG that is wondering what to make of this mavericky and naive rookie running out with his helmet on sideways: We’ll figure it out.

Personal BHAG: 1,000 people.  Before 12/31/2013.


6 Responses to “Join the Game: KISS, Analysis Paralysis, Intent and BHAGs”

  1. nightrose Says:

    Go go go! 😀
    Great idea.

  2. jlayt Says:

    Do it! We need to be pushing it harder to safeguard out income. Couple of obvious ideas (probably stolen form someone else), a G+ page pushing lots of positive publicity (it’s where all the geeks are) and a JTG Plasmoid installed on the desktop by default (hopefully some distros might leave it there). Nothing fancy needed, just thg logo and some text like “260 people like you have Joined The Game, click here to find out how you can help KDE”.

  3. Cornelius Says:

    Kommander Olson, we hear you. What a wonderful goal.

    I’ll personally write the thank you letter for the 1000th member and include a hand-colored printout of the 1000th patch to KDE or some other artifact of your choice.

  4. valoriez Says:

    I’ve joined the game already, but I’ll spread the word of your ambitious goal. Hopes for success!

  5. dhaumann Says:

    Maybe it would work to send mails to all linux user groups LUGs? That’s one way to reach people. Also, in Germany there is a web site called, which is read by a lot of Linux users. They are also open for such “open letters”.

  6. Would be great to see you pull that off. Especially if it requires lots of embarassing deeds from your side…

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