Camp KDE: Pardus dudes ™

April 5, 2011

Two years ago, I was pleasantly surprised when two representatives from the Pardus distribution arrived at Camp KDE 2009 in Jamaica.  Great guys and here’s how I remember them: One never got his luggage the entire trip and the other jumped off a cliff.

At that time, I declared that I would always refer to them as the Pardus Dudes, proof here.  So imagine my surprise when I turned around this morning during a break in the talks and two Pardus Dudes magically just arrived and were sitting behind me.  If the Europeans looked tired upon arrival, you can imagine walking off a Turkey->Cali flight and straight into a conference.  “Pardus Dude who never got his luggage” was here, but “Pardus Dude that jumped off a cliff” has been replaced by someone who does not yet have a nickname.  We’ll call him “Pardus Dude who does not yet have a nickname.”  Pardus Paradox?

They have a stack of install discs right now on the table, which is perfect timing for me, as I finally built a home desktop right before leaving for Camp KDE and my plan was literally to put images of openSUSE, PC-BSD and Pardus on it.  All three groups are here.  Coincidence?  Pardus 2011 will definitely be on my machine within the next week.

I continue to have the suspicion that Pardus falls into the category of a project that may not be visible to many, but has a lot of activity, momentum and backing.  I will try to get a video interview with both Dudes.


One Response to “Camp KDE: Pardus dudes ™”

  1. Ozan Caglayan Says:

    Wow you’re fast! I’m the Pardus dude who does not yet have a nickname. Thanks for your motivating comments 🙂

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