Camp KDE 2011: Noisebridge event

April 5, 2011

Tonight, nearly all of the attendees (those who didn’t attend know who they are) went over to Noisebridge for the evening.  What’s Noisebridge?  I’ll let the website speak for itself, but it’s a pretty comprehensive hacking lifestyle.  Sewing, carpentry, electronics, food, books….it’s all fair game.

Noisebridge is about creativity, learning and re-use.  As Frank and I discussed on the way over, there’s a different sense of satisfaction that you get from building a bookshelf than from getting a program to compile; this seems to satisfy a very basic and fundamental need.

Photos?  You bet.  The first is one of Rex and a flag that many may not recognize.  But Frank promised me some would – are you one of them?

Next up we have a panorama shot of the some NBers at work on various projects.  Click on the image for a larger version:

Finally, an example of the lightning talks given by some of the Camp KDE attendees.  Here we have Leo discussing a new project Tomahawk.  He goes over the incredibly typical use case of a new music search for a combination of Led Zepplin and Michael Jackson while Jeff looks on in disbelief.  It’s safe to say we’ve all asked that at some time in our lives:

Thanks to Noisebridge for hosting us and allowing us to bring beer.  After a slow start, the two groups started mingling and talking; in particular Leo and I spoke to a guy that was surprisingly knowledgeable on KDE, gnome, Meego, licensing, project plans, etc.  Really impressive.

Now to bed and back at it tomorrow morning.


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