Camp KDE 2011: It begins

April 4, 2011

Starting a conference within 12 minutes of the projected start time might be a record, if only we had a certified official here.  This morning the attendees were punctual.  Even more importantly, Celeste got a Real Time Coffee Infusion ™ with minutes to spare and was ready to kick off the show.

Speaking of, we had a sub-community meeting of all North American contributors named Celeste.  Here’s the group photo:

She was looking for the other members in vain.

I won’t go into details on the presentations here, as Justin has diligently been recording them, uploading them, and taking notes for a Dot article on the first day.   Keep an eye out for article recaps and a proper group photo of everyone, regardless of whether they’re named Celeste (quite inclusive).  Teaser: One speaker readily confessed that they were on a combination of “narcotics, painkillers and laxatives” at the time of the speech.  I suspect at least 2 out of 3 were correct.  And I’m not joking.

Tonight, we head to Noisebridge, which based on Google maps Street View, does not look like it’s near a noisy bridge.  That leaves being a metaphorical bridge to noise or false advertising.  TBD.  And for tomorrow, I’ll be doing some brief video interviews and uploading them to the KDEPromo Youtube account – links to follow.  So attendees, if you’re reading this, no hiding.  Be brave and give an interview.  Knut has been asking for a professional make-up and touch-up crew; I guess internet and TV fame will do that to you.


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