Camp KDE 2011: Day n-1

April 4, 2011

Jetlag wore off for most.  More importantly, Camp KDE organizers were insightful enough to schedule fantastic weather; I ended up walking at least 10-15 miles throughout the day (read as: Wade got some sunburn) and soaking in as much of the city as possible.

You want proof?  Such skeptics.  Here’s some photos throughout the day, and it’s up to you faithful readers to trust that I just didn’t pull them from a Google image search.

While other Camp KDE’ers were still safely nestled in their beds,  this intrepid reporter was already snapping clichéd photos for consumption.  First up is an early morning shot of the Transmerica tower from the southside of the embarcadero.  The total population of this pier at this time consisted of: 1) Tourists like Wade Olson and 2) Some homeless people.  I did not poll them on their interests in free software.

Later in the day we have our fearless KDE manager (and that much more) Claudia with the golden gate bridge behind her.  What you don’t see is that behind me, there was a naked swimmer.  Not someone skippy-dipping.  Just swimming and being naked.  Yes, I have 1080p of this – for educational purposes only.  No, I am not hosting it here.  Jeff Mitchell prudently recommended a Members Only ™ section of the KDE site as a revenue model.

Up next we have a great representation of pasty NoCal residents getting some sun by the bay at Fort Mason.  Our feet got some short, but well deserved rest at this point.  All of these sun bathers, although they didn’t technically say this, were clearly trying to represent the way that we all bask in the glowing warmth of KDE and free software.  It’s basically performance art.  A flash mob for our benefit most likely; I can’t think of any other reasonable explanation for all of these people drinking in a park on a sunny day.

And finally to wrap up the day, back in Japantown.  Doesn’t really roll of the tongue like Chinatown (also visited), but here we have a small open square next to the Hotel Kabuki.  Jeff Mitchell and I finished up the night by going to Benihana to watch some culinary acrobatics, joking with the other patrons at the table and gossiping like school girls.




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