Camp KDE 2011: Day n-2

April 3, 2011

Arrived in SFO this evening, despite Delta’s best efforts.  A surly cab driver was then able to get me to a specific restaurant to meet up with Justin, Celeste, Frank and Claudia.  Everyone looked pretty weary from travel, but I did manage to get in a very good conversation with Frank and Justin over some beers afterward.  Turns out, just as I suspected, I don’t need to be informed on issues whatsoever to have strong opinions on them.  Go figure.

Jeff Mitchell just texted me that he’s arrived this moment – he just missed out lively discussion in which we did not fully solve all of KDE’s issues and Middle East peace, but Justin is confident that we can get answers to both with a  couple lightning talks and some more beer.  Stay tuned.

Time to get some sleep.  Tomorrow I promise pictures and updates on the day’s activities, including the room preparation.  Good night everyone!


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