Camp KDE 2009: Final two days

January 27, 2009

How did everything end?

  • Sebas was forcibly removed from his laptop; we made him interact with other humans.
  • We went to Rick’s Cafe to watch cliff diving.  I chickened out.  Jeff Mitchell and Pardus Dude #1 (not to be confused with Pardus Dude #2 who never got his luggage) manned up and dove in from about 14 Leaning Tower of Pisas in altitude.  That 22 bathtubs full of rope in height for those that need help with the conversion.
  • After Rick’s we went to visit a lighthouse and Jeff bought some cool trinkets.  Unbelievable views.  I need to upload my photos.
  • Went to the Appleton Rum Estate for a tour.  Sit down because I’ve got some shocking news: they serve rum samples there.  That’s right, I said it.  We learned that Ade and Chani combine to make one C++ savvy mule.  And peacocks are lazy.  Would it hurt to strut around a bit?
  • I eventually got used to the way people drive there.  If I wasn’t placed in a near death situation every 10 minutes, I started to drift off to sleep.
  • We got to hang out in a broken down abandoned bus bar that was next to a broken down abandoned bus that wasn’t a bar.  Maybe someone should open up a competing bar there?  One of us, not saying who, got a lesson on how knowledgeable local drunks can be on american politics that hang out in broken down abandoned bus bars.
  • ASpehr trapped me into rambling on film for roughly 7 minutes.  Although I have my suspicions that this tape will never see the light of day.  Wait, now that I think about it, the same can be said for ALeisse.  Can I go 2-for-2?
  • We need to interview the Pardus Dudes (1 through n).  They have some really interesting things going on.  Also, we need to figure out how to get these guys to future events, they’re cool Dudes ™.  If you’re wondering: yes, I will always refer to them as the Pardus Dudes.
  • For some pocket change, you could live next to Usain Bolt.
  • Jeff got most of the presentations done for video uploads.  Now that I’m home, I need to get two pulled and sent over to him.  I’ll try to do that tomorrow night.
  • Have you seen Davide Battio’s photos from the event?  Here’s what you don’t know:  He walks around with a tiny camera and takes random photos in a split second.  And then they all turn out great.  When you see his awesome photos, you’d think he sat and planned each one.  Not the case.  It’s all natural and immediate.  I cannot do this.  Sebas can do this, but only with the assistance of a 3-hour burst mode on his camera.  Well done Davide – I have no idea how you capture such photos so effortlessly.
  • I realized I am only allowed to hang out with Kyle Cunningham outside of Minnesota.  He lives 10 minutes from me, but I have only seen him when we’re both over 1,000 miles from home.
  • I am really happy that I got to spend some Quality Time (not tm, but patent pending) with Zack, Sebas and others I know, but also got the chance to learn more about people I didn’t know well.
  • I am bummed out that Pradeepto, Ken Christiansen, Soren Howard and Eugene Trounev weren’t able to attend and give their presentations.
  • I am also bummed out that I didn’t get to meet some of our sponsors face to face.
  • A good sign:  The Jamaican organizers can’t wait to queue up to host again.
  • A good sign (part deux): Others are already queuing up to host an event next year.  We just need to know where to send Ade and his cookbook.
  • The Jerk Chicken at Wendy’s (airport) had a similar presentation as if Violet Beauregarde was left to die in a blizzard and then served up with severe frostbite.  Translation: Somewhere short of appetizing.  At least the frosty was top notch.  In other Wendy’s news: Jeff learned the hard way not to custom order Pheasant Under Glass at an airport fast food chain.

And then I returned home to face an entire weekend of plumbing issues.  Still not done.  Thanks again to Roger, Dmitri, Jeff, Gamaral and Paul for assisting with this event.  And to our sponsors for lending a hand on such short notice.


4 Responses to “Camp KDE 2009: Final two days”

  1. It was really good to meet you in person. I had a great time at the conference, learnt lots and am now back in cold and dark Pitttsburgh just in time for my birthday 😉 By the last day the Pardus dudes were here I finally learnt the name of Pardus dude #2 (knew the first as we gave a talk together). They were both cool dudes and are doing some really cool work.

    Hope the plumbing issues are sorted out soon!

  2. Alexandra Says:

    Speaking of the video: I am totally convinced that my version will show up. Sooner or later. I think.

  3. […] that time, I declared that I would always refer to them as the Pardus Dudes, proof here.  So imagine my surprise when I turned around this morning during a break in the talks and two […]

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