Camp KDE 2009: Day 4

January 22, 2009

Easing up on the daily Camp KDE reports now.  Yesterday mostly consisted of:

  • Till continuing on his educational rampage.  This time on concurrency.  I really don’t hear the term “mutex” enough.
  • More meetings in the ocean.  Like spies and the feds, we do it to make sure to minimize the threat of wiretapping.
  • The last day of catered lunches.  They went out with a bang: banana cake that was off the charts.
  • Nothing firm, but there is the real potential of a sponsor meeting and hiring a developer here based on presentations and work done.  This is exactly as it should be.  Developers, take note!  You do great work and these conferences provide great visibility.
  • Jeff started on the daunting task of mastering presentation videos.  He showed us the newest version of Kdenlive, and we were all quite impressed.  It’s made great strides in recent releases.  To be honest, if it continues to improve, we need to consider this app one of the shining stars.  Great work Kdenlive team, this program is already quite stable and capable.
  • Kyle continued to work on the new Dot site in preparation for a transition.
  • Sebas and Till were focused like lasers on some Plasmoid/Akonadi integration.  For hours on end.  I”m pretty sure Till downloaded knowledge into Sebas until he promptly declared, “I know kung fu.”  However, Sebas has yet to learn there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.  We may or may not have footage of Till kicking his ass in a virtual dojo.
  • The bar/restaurant consider their assault on our ears with their skipping CD player and desire to play songs on loop.  And when it’s not repeating a certain song, Casey is.
  • Saw this coverage.
  • Arched my eybrow at this.
  • Hope for the best with this.  Not sure I trust McNealy.
  • Oh yeah, and although I avoid politics on this blog.  I wept today for the first time in a long time.  Took time to watch the inauguration.

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