KDE Handbook

January 20, 2009

On thing that has been universal in agreement at Camp KDE?  Everyone is impressed with and loves the KDE Handbook that Pradeepto mentions in his blog.  The team that worked on this handbook have a lot to be proud of.  It has all of the elements for success: It’s well thought-out, logically organized, professionally presented, the approach is welcoming and the writing is well done.

If you plan on attending a conference or expo, it should be a prerequisite to have these and distribute them.  It sets the bar high enough that we shouldn’t accept lesser quality works in the future – we’re capable of very friendly and polished output.

This group has of course now doomed themselves to keeping it up to date (screen shots, current features/functionsand release dates) and having curent versions on hand.  And getting them out to groups.  And dealing with inventory.  Time for you to buy a Supply Change Management theory book.  Again, thank you for this handbook – we all think it’s great.


3 Responses to “KDE Handbook”

  1. mvillarino Says:

    It would be great if more info were available about that book, like a making of, and the pdf version.
    Also, would be great to have it translated to other languages.
    And also, the budget (how much does it costed)

  2. blauzahl Says:

    I am 99% sure someone said it was in SVN.

  3. I want my copy too 😛

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