Camp KDE 2009: Day 3

January 19, 2009

Coding in comfort.  It continues to happen here.  Not this comfortable, but life is still good.  I’ve almost forgotten the snow back home.  So to the experts who are a little down on January 19, I can confidently say there’s a group of people that are statistical anomalies and are doing just fine today.

The morning started a little later than usual, as people found the wireless signal just fine on the beach deck, and had little or no incentive to go inside to do the same work.

But today’s events were dominated by Till Adam’s tutorial and presentation on Qt concepts.  Mainly a model/view tutorial in the morning followed by a coding exercise.  Proxy models after lunch.  I haven’t seen Till in action as an instructor before, and he’s really quite talented.  Translation: I can see why he gets paid to do this.  He is much more fluid and coherent in explanations than I would be; and I’m the native speaker.  He makes sure to engage the listeners as witnessed by Ade playing a model in a demonstration.  Not a stretch though, I’ve heard of storied catwalk days for him.  Oh wait, you mean a “model” as in a data abstraction representation?  Well, that doesn’t explain his high heels.  Or why he was sipping champagne in the back of the room with Valentino later on.

Besides Till’s Titillating Tutorials, here are some other random thoughts from today:

  • The local that have shown up have all been really cool.  I’ve spoken to Donavon Campbell the most, who I’m sure you’ll be seeing in some photos from Sebas that I took.  Donavon is at D3 Techologies in Kingston, a linux and open source tech company in Jamaica.  Cool.
  • Mauricio was sitting next to me working on Brazilian Portugese translations via Lokalize.  I was somewhat ignorant of how KDE does all of its translation work and the standard translator workflow, so he was kind enough to take the time and show me.
  • The catered lunches continue to be great.  Nice work by Roger and Dmitri in finding this place.  All the different options we gone today, which tells me that everyone is finding something to their liking.  Our plan is working out pretty well: take care of all breakfast and lunch needs (provide and subsidize), then let people go out and choose where to eat in the evenings.
  • In particular, the local fruits are really something.  I mean really something.  Apparently growing native fruits in a humid tropical climate yields better results than mass farming done followed by shipping the product to the land of polar bears.  Who knew.
  • After fondling/using Sebas’ camera, I have a slight case of camera envy going.  12.2 MP Canon –  I’ll have to get the exact model number and the type of lens he now has on it.  With about 1500 autofocus points less, mine is starting to feel outdated.
  • Last night, I was so laid back and relaxed I walked away to buy drinks for Sebas and I while people were on my laptop – I noticed this morning that apparently I replied to Chani’s blog.  I ignored him changing my font DPI for the sake of his work on my graphics driver.
  • Like any good distro representative, Gokmen had a Pardus CD with him to help troubleshoot Ade’s laptop.
  • Kyle continues his work on the new Dot.  We have promises from him.  I’m printing this in public solely to put more pressure on him.
  • With the presentations done, we need to get them online somewhere.  Be patient.
  • I need to spend some time with Ron Copeland of Nokia.
  • Rumor has it that we have more than two birthdays to celebrate here – we may have Bill Hoffman’s wife Naomi’s birthday as well.  I’ll have to confirm.

Ok, back to listening about delegate theory.

Important update: I did not in fact miss Ade’s cookies.  He (and several helpers) just walked in with several trays.  You’d think there was a fire in the building as fast as people moved.  It’s really a stroke of genius on Ade’s part: There’s just something simple and endearing that comes from home cooking and cookies.  You can’t lose – it’s just perfect for bonding at events.  Who doesn’t like cookies?  Whoever they are, they sure aren’t welcome in KDE.  Go drown some puppies or beat up some children, all you life-hating non-cookie eaters.


3 Responses to “Camp KDE 2009: Day 3”

  1. JavierBere Says:

    Yeah. We don’t want their kind here! XD

  2. Dread Knight Says:

    Holy shit at that pic.. no monies for a laptop? 😛

  3. Matteo Nardi Says:

    Mm.. are we going to see the video of some presentations like the ones for akademy? 🙂

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