Camp KDE 2009: Just days away now

January 14, 2009

Tomorrow in Minneapolis it will not get above 0 degrees F.  And it will snow again.  From the 270th day in a row (+- 265 days).  The temperature differential from when I get on the plane Friday in Minneapolis and get off the plane in Montego Bay will be about 75-80 degrees F.  Warmer.  For the benefit of those that cannot understand what I’m describing without a hastily-done inaccurate chart using a paint program, I present to you:


Really makes things clear.  And because I surprisingly haven’t used this handy representation yet, let me do so now:



2 Responses to “Camp KDE 2009: Just days away now”

  1. Aaron Seigo Says:

    best. graph. ever.

    holy crap. not only did i wet myself reading it, so did a umber of my friends (number >=1) that i point it out to.

  2. Hey! I’m in Minneapolis as well… nasty and cold today, and there was almost a foot of snow for me to shovel. I think the windchill got down to something like -30 or more… yuck!

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