Nuno’s wallpaper

January 9, 2009

If you’ve been to KDE-look or sites like Interfacelift, you’ll know that people love their wallpapers.  Although there are some guidelines for “What makes a good wallpaper?” it still often remains a matter of personal taste.  And Nuno’s recent wallpaper is one of my favorites:


The funny thing is that this wallpaper also seemed vaguely familiar to me.  Last night, I remembered why:  A few years ago, I was trying to take some photos at night during a snowstorm and my auto-focus was catching different flakes and refused to cooperate.  I didn’t notice this until after reviewing my first shot, which looks like nothing in particular it’s so abstract:


I’ve put two 1920X1200 versions in my image gallery if anyone wants an inferior version with a story behind it.  Anyway, great work Nuno, I just love the balance, the color palette, the simplicity, everything; it’s really a top-flight default first impression for users.


9 Responses to “Nuno’s wallpaper”

  1. sebas Says:

    For a moment I thought that your photo is a screenshot of the 4.2 wallpaper with the Snow compositing plugin activated.

    Now confess… you never actually went outside!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I am usually a huge fan of Nuno’s art but this one I don’t like so much: The white blobs are fairly sharp and have about the same size as icons on the desktop. It felt strange to me seeing icons and these white blobs right next to each other on the desktop. But well… there is plenty of choice in KDE. 🙂

    Keep up the great work. I am soooo much looking forward to KDE 4.2.

  3. wadejolson Says:

    @sebas: I took a photo of the snow plug-in, then put the photo in a snow globe and took a photo of that. Does that count?

  4. Luis Says:

    Nuno air wallpaper is plain awesome. It looks very modern, yet, simple.

  5. delimited Says:

    It appears it’s known as the Bokeh Effect ( Also, there is a much more colourful example here ( but it might be a little too much for an entire desktop.

  6. sebas Says:

    @wadejolson: Yes, as it’s not technically outside of the house, that’s fine. Do post a photo of yourself in a snow globe, though.

  7. Ivan Čukić Says:

    Flash / auto-focus / snowflakes – is definitely not a good combination if your intention is to shoot something /behind/ the snowflakes 🙂

    But it does make a good wallpaper 🙂

  8. Steven Blenkinsop Says:

    I actually prefer yours 😀

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