Camp KDE 2009: T minus two weeks

January 3, 2009

Two weeks from today, barring unforeseen circumstances, I will be basking in Jamaica for the start of Camp KDE 2009.  For attendees, please make sure that:

  • Travel is booked (where Montego Bay is bar far, far the preferred airport to use; only Kingston if necessary)
  • You’ve noted your travel on the Camp KDE travel wiki
  • You have registered on our site
  • You are prepared about travel from the airport to the resort
  • You are confident about your resort reservations and lodging
  • Speakers are ready with their presentations
  • You are informed and ready from a visa perspective
  • You’ve noted any inclusion in planned excursions for a realistic count
  • You are ready to participate in BoFs

I can’t wait to see you all.  We will have more details shortly on what to expect for presentation recording for those that cannot attend.


One Response to “Camp KDE 2009: T minus two weeks”

  1. I am ready – all bar getting from the airport to the resort… Taxis? Buses? Never been to Jamaica – I will research this tomorrow 😉 Looking forward to it.

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