Camp KDE 2009: Group excursions finalized

December 15, 2008

In a Perfect World ™, we would have announced the registration module only after having the activities decided upon and added.  The organizers had a meeting today and the trips were finalized, and so Gamaral is updating the registration module right now.  If you have already registered, please make sure to sign-up for either or both trips if interested.  What’s important is that although I’ve always felt that alcohol and cliff diving go together like peanut butter and jelly, we are doing the events on separate days.  What’s planned?

Tuesday, January 20: In the afternoon, we will be chartering a trip to YS Falls.  This site hosts a series of waterfalls, natural spring pool and garden area.  This trip has a maximum allocation of 30 people – if demand is sufficient we can also schedule a second trip that day (likely one in the morning and one in the afternoon).

Wednesday, January 21: A trip to the Appleton Estate, a rum producer with a distillery dating back to 1749.  Located on the Black River, the estate is situated in one of the more picturesque valleys on the island.  We have space for up to 80 people.  Not that anyone would be interested, but there may indeed be sampling and taste testing involved.

I sincerely doubt the free online photos I discovered do either locale justice.  But I think we all know that Jamaica won’t disappoint in the scenic department:

Original size here.


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