Camp KDE 2009: New sponsor announced

December 1, 2008

In previous weeks, Camp KDE organizers have announced Intel, Google, iXsystems and the KDE e.V. as sponsoring Camp KDE. Today we announce another: Kitware. Known to most in the KDE community because of their CMake build system, Kitware has become a consistent and valued sponsor and partner of KDE. Better yet, Bill Hoffman of Kitware will be at Camp KDE 2009 and will be presenting on CMake, VTK and ParaView.

Thanks to Kitware for their support; they will be added shortly to the Camp KDE 2009 Sponsors page.


4 Responses to “Camp KDE 2009: New sponsor announced”

  1. Troy Unrau Says:

    VTK is interesting. I was playing with it at work this summer as a possible way to render some geological stuff. I wonder if KDE can integrate it someplace, even if it’s something as simple as being able to generate thumbnails for it…

    Thanks Bill

  2. Sebastian Sauer Says:

    Thanks to Kitware for the sponsoring and even more thanks for cmake (we are using it at work too now cause it’s just the best crossplatform solution out there).

  3. illogic-al Says:

    kitware, you rocks.

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