Camp KDE 2009: My flight is booked

November 30, 2008

Just booked my flight to Jamaica.  Have you?

With fluctuations in airline prices, it seems like every ticket purchase is an exercise in commodity speculation.  Tonight I predicted that based on factors I’ve monitored for the past month or two, that this ticket would not go lower and I ran the risk of an increase by waiting longer.

I’ll be arriving Friday, January 16 at Sangster International Airport (Montego Bay MBJ) and departing a week later Friday, January 23.  You can consult the Camp KDE travel page for more details.  And be sure to provide feedback if we’re missing anything.  My guess is that the most requested inquiry will be: Where’s the bleeping wiki page for travel?


3 Responses to “Camp KDE 2009: My flight is booked”

  1. blauzahl Says:

    Do you have advice for US travelers on the best way to find cheap airfares?

  2. odysseus Says:

    Any news on discounted accommodation yet? And room sharing, a stheir rack ratess look a little on the high side.

  3. wadejolson Says:

    @odysseus: The rate is something like $83USD per room per night, where a room has anywhere between 1 and 3 beds. I actually have an inquiry in to get more specific details, as we need this information to accurately portray the expected costs per person.

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