What powers your gear?

November 27, 2008

In the past, the imagery I’ve done such as “What does KDE mean to you?“, “Be Free“, and “Don’t Look Back” have all been fairly straight forward.  I’ve intended these images to be suitable for printing and for posters.  Similar to what you’d see in an magazine advertisement.

With the new announcement of KDE 4.2 Beta 1 and with KDE 4.2 being released right after we have Camp KDE, it was perfect timing for me to do some daydreaming.  I didn’t want to do any real work, as I was pretty sluggish from a long night of Nine Inch Nails.  Then a funny thing happened: that concert impacted my brainstorming a lot more than I would have guessed.

This new set of imagery isn’t the most cohesive.  And I cast aside some of the previous rules such as:

  • Using the same font in all images
  • Always placing the KDE icon and tagline consistently
  • Similar types of base images and text boxing
  • High quality images and professional presentation

In fact, I was working on a different set when I stumbled over the line “What powers your gear?”.  I talk a lot about motiviation to work on KDE – what drives our inner gear as GearHeads? And since KDE is on all of our machines, the double meaning of the phrase is complete.  So these images are a mishmash of ones about the new 4.2 release and about this new tagline, and they’re breaking all my previous rules.  But that’s what happens when you get a long overdue dose of Trent.

The new images are at my Picasa Gallery here in their original sizes.  Here are some sample thumbnails, enjoy!


16 Responses to “What powers your gear?”

  1. elcuco Says:

    Wade, while I do like these kind of promotions, this one is not as good as the past ones, since you are playing with the meaning of “gear”, which does not translate to anything else but english.

    1st and 3rd are nice, but the rest do not really pass the KDE vision (at least some parts of it…). English is not the only language used in KDE, you know that by now now? 😉

  2. Temet Says:

    Wow, you really have a lot of imagination and very good ideas!!!

  3. I wonder how come no-one has noticed the true geeky association in this release:

    KDE 4.2
    Your very own fraction of the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

  4. Elias P. Says:

    This pictures are awesome!

    /me dreams of having them printed on wallsize hanging around in the city 😉

  5. Nassos Kourentas Says:

    Amazing stuff with an amazing potential!

    Congratulations, once again!


  6. John Tapsell Says:

    Aren’t the gear stick numbers wrong? It should look like:

  7. John Tapsell Says:

    Urgh, ignore me

  8. Parker Coates Says:

    That shift from 4th to 5th is a doozy.

  9. Peter Pan Says:

    I hope the gearstick does not reflect the usability of KDE 4.2…

  10. John Tapsell Says:

    Parker, heh, I was thinking the same for the ‘clear upgrade path’. It doesn’t look clear at all!

  11. Eckhart Says:

    I agree with the comment from Matija: a “KDE 4.2: our answer to Life, the Universe and Everything” poster would be awesome.

  12. wadejolson Says:

    Yes, in some blog entry gone by, we discuss the HHGTTG reference to the 4.2 release. It’s unavoidable.

  13. Diederik van der Boor Says:

    I love the first picture! 🙂 Creative work 🙂

    The others don’t really give me an association with KDE. The third one is opening the door for trolls too, while the first one has a far more solid statement.

  14. skierpage Says:

    Is there a KDE or 4.2 in the second one that’s so subtle I missed it?

    Maybe the last one could have a bolt head or something acting as the decimal point.

  15. […] What powers your gear? In the past, the imagery I’ve done such as “What does KDE mean to you?“, “Be Free“, and […] […]

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