NIN concert: At last

November 26, 2008

Celeste, I finally made it.  Patience rewarded.

For that that want to see even more grainy iPhone photos, they’re here on my Picasa photo gallery.


7 Responses to “NIN concert: At last”

  1. seele Says:

    \m/ YES

  2. Lukas Appelhans Says:

    NIN rulez 🙂 Robin Finck ftw! 🙂

  3. Niko Says:

    NIN are awesome!

    I hope they bring their lightshow to europe!

  4. xSacha Says:

    NIN are great! When they were here they didn’t have a light show :(.

    By the way, you need to get a new phone. That camera just sucks and you can’t take video.

  5. Sunil Says:

    NIN concerts own. congrats man

  6. wadejolson Says:

    For those that don’t get the reference – I was getting really revved up to see them this summer when Trent canceled the show due to illness. Celeste is actually the one that broke the news to me.

    I haven’t seen NIN is a couple years, so it was a real test of willpower to hold on a couple more months.

  7. […] to do some daydreaming.  I didn’t want to do any real work, as I was pretty sluggish from a long night of Nine Inch Nails.  Then a funny thing happened: that concert impacted my brainstorming a lot more than I would have […]

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