Do you miss Pine?

November 20, 2008

Then turn off your Boyz II Men cassette, stop ironing your Z. Cavaricci’s and read this Gmail blog entry.

Or.  You could just use Pine.  But that wouldn’t give me an excuse to blog during yet another overnight production migration.


3 Responses to “Do you miss Pine?”

  1. Mike Arthur Says:

    Come on, where is the “pining” related pun?

    I’ve expected better Mr Olsen!

  2. solardeity Says:

    This is not working for my account im from Germany.. Maybe this only works overseas, like USA only??

  3. Fri13 Says:

    It is working in Finland. I have two accounts and the old one what I got when GMail was just started and it needed invation. But the other what I toke 1 year after the first one, does not have this option yet. Both I have used as Finnish and English.

    At least I like that my #1 account got these themes because they make even more personal the email. Not just as Gmail what everyone has but own personal webmail 😉

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