Camp KDE 2009: CFP clarification

November 3, 2008

As was mentioned to me, my last blog entry on the success of potential presentations was very confusing.  Let me clarify:

What was conveyed erroneously by this entry: We are full and these selections are final.  Do not bother sending in any ideas.  Only in the event that a presenter cannot attend will a slot open up for further consideration.

What I meant to convey: Our goal is to have 14 slots.  And we already have that many proposals – that means you have some competition.  This is a good sign that there is interest in our conference and we have a lot of great presentation ideas.

I apologize for any confusion; I was flat-out wrong in some of the sentences.  Note that we didn’t cite a deadline for proposals or the exact information to send.  After discussion with the other organizers, I would like to give this information now.  This same text will be submitted today as a Dot article.  And for those who neither read the Planet nor the Dot (dfaure listed as an example), I will consider putting a .zsh banner in one of his init scripts.

The deadline for presentations for Camp KDE 2009 will be Friday, November 21.  Due to the compressed planning of this event, deliberation will be held over the weekend and selected presentations will be announced on Monday, November 24 so that travel decisions can be done.

The initial list of potential presenters have recently been sent the following list of questions.  Please mail your responses to campkde-organizers:

  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. Organization
  4. Presentation Title
  5. Presentation Abstract (2 – 3 sentences should suffice)
  6. Does Camp KDE have permission to record your presentation and post for viewing on a KDE website?  Agreeing allows Camp KDE to expand the audience to those not in attendance (and also makes sponsors happy with more visibility).
  7. Will you need your own laptop/portable device for your presentation or will a standard laptop capable of displaying ODF and PDF suffice?
  8. Are you interested in also leading a BoF (Bird-of-a-Feather) meeting on January 19 or 20 on this or another topic?

I will also be emailing the 14 current presnetation ideas with this clarification.  Again, sorry for the confusion and thanks for the constructive criticism.


One Response to “Camp KDE 2009: CFP clarification”

  1. blauzahl Says:

    >>> And for those who neither read the Planet nor the Dot (dfaure listed as an example), I will consider putting a .zsh banner in one of his init scripts.

    Fricking hilarious. 😀

    Thanks! I will poke people to toss you more stuff.

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