Camp KDE 2009: Travel subsidy announcement

October 31, 2008

Another sponsor announcement, and it should be an expected one.  The KDE eV board will indeed be helping with travel subsidies for the Jamaica event.  It wouldn’t be very flattering if they declined, now would it?

What does this mean to you, the event attendee?  Limited subsidies will be available, with priority going to:

  • Presenters
  • BoF or developer sprint leaders
  • Organizers and core contributors

If you’re interested in attending and applying for travel cost reimbursement, please follow the steps listed on the KDE eV site.  This link will be added to the Camp KDE site, and we’ll note the sponsorship of the KDE eV.  Thanks to the board for their assistance in the success of this new conference.

Conference Image of the Day ™:

Original can be found here.


3 Responses to “Camp KDE 2009: Travel subsidy announcement”

  1. Surely the semicolons should be absent, since the use of “self” in the code in that picture indicates that it’s in Python.

  2. Jami3 Says:

    where can we get the background image used for that (without the KDE strip at the top)?

  3. Kevin Banks Says:

    Awesome picture …

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