KDE announces a new forum site

October 12, 2008

Rethinking KDE’s documentation sites began with TechBase.  Sensibly released when many new KDE 4 technologies and ideas were incubating, it’s been wildly successful.

Expanding on this accomplishment, with the formation of a Community Working Group, it’s no surprise that we’ve recently witnessed the birth of a corresponding UserBase.

And now?  Still not content, an announcement is made that KDE now has a centralized and supported forum.  I encourage you to read the announcement because the folks from MyBB have been open to negotiation to make sure that their licensing worked with our community.  Thank you to MyBB, the new forum moderators, and the promotional community members that had the discussions necessary to get this forum built and released.

From IRC to mailing lists to blogs to wikis to forums to microblogging to various Web 2.0 gateways to the upcoming Dot conversion, we find that:

  • KDE is providing options for people to learn and share that are comfortable to the way they work
  • After so much effort on the technical aspects of this new codebase, KDE hasn’t forgotten the importance of documentation and communication; it’s not surprising that as the code stabilizes and matures different platforms spring up in response.
  • Each channel has strengths and weaknesses concerning breadth, depth, update frequency and target audience.  The newly released UserBase and forum.KDE fill important gaps for those learning about KDE, those that want to share their experiences with KDE, and those that want to start contributing with basic documentation.
  • The demand and participation in UserBase and forum.KDE once again shows flourishing interest and growth in KDE.

Will this new forum be sucessful and active?  Well, you can help determine that answer yourself.  But it’s a good sign when at this very moment on the site I read: “94 users active in the past 15 minutes” and “209 members registered in the past 24 hours.” Add to that total!

Update:  Sebas just put out the Dot story here.  What shouldn’t be lost in the shuffle is his consistent reference to the “Operating Systems” section.  Cool that this section even exists, huh?


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