Camp KDE 2009: Jamaican me crazy!

October 4, 2008

[Dave Chapelle]Yeah, that’s right, I said it.[/Dave Chapelle]  There, now we’ve got the obvious joke out of the way.  Let’s never use it again.

Before Akademy 2008, Troy and I discussed starting an annual conference on this side of the Atlantic.  Thanks to the feedback from our KDE 4 Release Event (rave reviews, fan mail, awards, endless paparazzi, marriage proposals, offers for discounted psychiatric care), we realized the time was right to begin fostering and expanding KDE’s community in the Americas.  In addition, a 6 month release schedule synchronized with two conferences seems like a sensible idea: Akademy in the summer and a new conference in the winter.  Will KDE always have a 6-month release schedule?  Doubtful, but it’s a good enough excuse for now to meet up with friends in the winter and celebrate our accomplishments.

After going over proposals for a potential location, the winner of the inaugural event is: Jamaica.  Combining the popularity of KDE in Central and South America, along with the proposed times on the calendar, you can bet future installments will be ideally situated, and probably not in the ice boxes that house Troy, San Siego and myself.

And now that Akademy 2008 has successfully closed and some of us have recovered, it’s time to announce Camp KDE and start moving forward.  Our intrepid team of Roger Pixley and Dmitri Dawkins will be the key to our success.  No pressure there, right guys?  So what can we tell you so far?

  • Certainty: Most importantly, the event is happening.  Plan on it and plan on attending.
  • Location: Negril, Jamaica.  We are in final discussions with a resort and will announce that location shortly.  Due to the proximity of other resorts, everyone of course is welcome to stay somewhere nearby if they so choose.  Currently, the projected rooms rates are really very affordable.
  • Date: Roughly January 17-23, 2009.  We’ll be certain once we lock-in with the resort.  KDE 4.2 will be near release, and as any HGTTG fan can tell you:  No matter what your software question, KDE 4.2 is the Answer.
  • Who should attend: You should.  Whether you’ve been a long-time developer, you’re an enthusiast, you represent a business interested in KDE, you simply enjoy free software, you’re a local that wants to learn more, or you’re one of the many that I owe money to from Akademy 2008 – you are welcome.  No you don’t have to choose between attending only Akademy or these events – we know how addictive our community is – we know you’ll be attending both so save your vacation days.
  • Website: We will release our event website within a couple of weeks, with more detailed information.
  • Registration: Thanks to an offer from Bart Cerneels and crew, we will likely be using the registration system from Akademy 2008.
  • CFP: Call For Papers:  Of course the heart of the event will be lectures and talks.  From technical to functional to community, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to give a speech.  Bonus points if you have fruit in your slide show.
  • Events: Roger and Dmitri will be brainstorming on tours and events to help us unwind, break us away from our laptops and mesmerizing lectures, and learn more about Jamaican culture.
  • Food: Several meals of regional cuisine will be provided by local establishments and we’ll take into account any dietary needs.
  • Visa invitation: If you need a visa invitation for international customs, we’ll be there to assist.
  • Tee-shirts: I can’t promise they’ll be better than the Akademy 2008 ones, those are pretty solid.  I’ll see what I can do.
  • Hospitals: I fully intend to avoid hospitals this time.

A Dot article will be forthcoming to announce our event website and registration site.  We certainly want to give exact details quickly so that people can be confident with travel plans.

In summary?  The energy and passion for KDE in the Americas can not be ignored.  We can’t wait to create an annual event and build our own identity.  From Alberta to Albuquerque to Antigua to Argentina – it’s time to get to know each other.  We start in January.


12 Responses to “Camp KDE 2009: Jamaican me crazy!”

  1. Ian Monroe Says:

    This is great news! I was honestly fearing that the lack of news about Jamaica was bad news.

    I hope to be there.

  2. wadejolson Says:

    Yes, we wanted to be certain on our ability to deliver on short notice before announcing.

    Hopefully I’ll see you there.

  3. Alexandra Says:


    I’ll happily give the fruit talk again if I find a sponsor for the tavel costs. 😉

  4. Mark Kretschmann Says:

    Watch me turning green with envy. Jamaica sure sounds cool 🙂

  5. Tom Says:

    “The answer” would such a great release name for 4.2!!
    I want it!

    Pretty please?? 😉

  6. That is certainly great news. I couldn’t make it to aKademy this year but will hopefully be able to make it along to this event. Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Well, believe me that I want to go. Being an argentinian KDE lover, it would be just perfect.

    Sadly, I don’t know if I’ll make it :-/ Let’s hope so 🙂

  8. I’m hoping I can get my travel costs sponsored. I like evangelizing this website business and escaping the freezing that Minnesota will be in January would be amazing.

  9. seele Says:

    Hmm.. don’t you think a week is a bit long? Who is going to have the vacation time to go to this AND Akademy in the summer?

  10. wadejolson Says:

    @Seele: What, I thought you promised a full 168-hour Usability marathon?

    The event in entirety certainly won’t be that long but we will will work with the resort to handle those that want to hack or take vacation that long. Likely once everything is nailed down, we’re looking at 1-2 days of presentations and 1-2 days of unconference. Everything else will be optional (further BoFs, sprints, etc).

  11. Casey Link Says:


    /me is from very near Albuquerque

    I’d love to attend, my main worries are (of course): timing and costs. A week might be too long to skip out on classes.

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