Camp KDE 2009: Call For Presentations

October 4, 2008

“Call For Papers”, “Call For Proposals”, “Call for Presentations”, “Certified Financial Planner”, “Carnies For Palin.” No matter what your definition of CFP, we’re looking for presentations at the Camp KDE 2009 event in Jamaica.

What type of presentations are we looking for?

  • KDE core libraries and framework tutorials
  • KDE Pillars
  • Qt software
  • KDE applications and their communities (Office, PIM, edutainment, media, etc)
  • New concepts such as JOLIE and QEdje
  • Usability and Accessibility
  • KDE on Mac and Windows
  • Free software topics (linux, BSD, graphics/X11, ODF, etc)
  • Free software challenges and opportunities (government, business, gender, etc)
  • Distro/vendor/corporate talks
  • Local cultural talks
  • Developer sprints topics (see below)

Of course, this list is not in descending order of priority and is not comprehensive.  All topics are welcome.  Have you recently given a speech or did you give a talk at Akademy?  Remember that many people were unable to attend and may be here instead.  I want the culture and identity of Camp KDE to grow organically, so we’re open and inviting to any type of talk.

In addition, we’ll have the facilities for developer sprint sessions.  If you were planning to meet up in a developer sprint over the winter, let’s kill two birds with one stone and meet up in Jamaica.

To discuss presentations or developer sprints, contact us at campkde-organizers attt kde dottt org.


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