New planet and how Wade didn’t help

September 22, 2008

Hey everyone, as Ruphy notes here, the new Planet redesign is in place.  This is something that Franz, Ruphy, Physos and I discussed at Akademy.  Oh and as Riddell announced here, which I missed because I didn’t scroll down enough.

Now, to be clear, I absolutely failed Ruphy in a promise.  I swore that I’d be more involved after arriving back in the States, but I was unable to break the laws of U.S. vacation:

Let n=the number of vacation hours taken.  Let r=the number of supplemental office hours necessary to account for vacation taken.  We will always have r>n.

In other words, if you work 50 hour work weeks and take two weeks of vacation, you will always end up spending over 100 hours above and beyond your regular schedule digging out and getting caught up.

Apologies to Ruphy.  He sent out a mock-up and I dutifully ignored it for a while.  Thankfully, others stepped in.  Not only discussing the mock-ups but implementing the new site with terrifying quickness.  So although he explicitly mentions my name, the only credit I deserve is in whining about the need for a new Planet.

Yes, I already see threads about improvements to be made (IE rendering, column expansion, font size, etc), so fret not frauline.  But thanks to everyone for getting things done so quickly.


4 Responses to “New planet and how Wade didn’t help”

  1. don’t worry too much, I’ve been in the same situation too many times already…
    the only problem is that jonathan isn’t very good at CSS, but seems that we’re already in the process of fixing it!

  2. student Says:

    swwwwwweeeeeeeet. thx to the planet people.

  3. Matt Says:

    Hi, I have tried to connect to the planet for the last two days, but it redirects me to instead.

    I have done a nslookup, and the IP address is correct I think. however it is not working for me. I am in New Zealand

  4. Alex Says:

    Matt, you’re probably using – try (sans www) and it should work fine.

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