VLC 0.9.2 released

September 16, 2008

For those who are stuck working on Windows PCs (aka: me), VideoLAN’s VLC is a God Send ™.  The team just released 0.9.2 today.  This happens (to the best of my limited knowledge) to be the first public release of their Qt4 interface.  Yes that means cross-platform.  Their “Thanks” tab on the player list a decent amount of peeps working on the Qt4 layer.  In fact, Jean-Baptiste KEMPF from the VideoLAN team showed up to the Release Event in January and discussed the move to Qt4 and the player’s capabilities.

Those that know me can attest to how simple minded I am.  This player just plays any format and gets out of the way.  Great work VideoLAN team.


14 Responses to “VLC 0.9.2 released”

  1. Sergio Pistone Says:

    When stuck on Windows you should definitely give Media Player Classic a try (sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli/). MPC + ffdshow filters (www.free-codecs.com/FFDShow_download.htm) will take care of all your media playback needs. Personally, I think the MPC + ffdshow combo provides a better experience than anything available on Linux right now. They are both open source projects too, BTW (which is kind of ironic I guess…)

  2. Stephen Says:

    Cheers for the heads up. I’ve been following the nightly builds of the Qt4 interface for at least 8 months now. Its great that they have finally released this.

  3. Jeffro Says:

    Good to hear. I didn’t even know they were working on a Qt4 port. I’ve been standing by KDE3 Kaffeine.

  4. fish Says:

    Now that VLC got QTified, it should be the official KDE video player app!

  5. Quintesse Says:

    @Sergio: although MPC is okay I just got fed up with all those ffdshow filters. There always seem to be problems with them even on a clean system with a clean install of the filters. Something always seems to be able to mess things up. For me I’m sure it’s some game that I installed that needed some kind of special filter for its videos and somehow it has messed up the video filter that Steam uses for example.

    In contrast, like Wade already said, VLC just works. And has no external dependencies that other programs can mess up.

    But it’s not always the easiest program to work with, it has many features and settings and it’s not alwys clear how they work.

  6. Tim Says:

    You mean ‘attest’ not ‘attend’. 🙂

  7. Cypher Says:

    @fish: hmmm, no, it’s been Qt-ified, not KDE-ified, so it does not integrate that well. And it’s “native” interface does not look good at all, the skin interface is needed and that one does not integrate well with KDE.

  8. Fabo Says:

    There’s an interesting project related to VLC and KDE,
    the “VLC and MPlayer backends for Phonon” :


    wait and see.

  9. Hello Says:

    I prefer SMPLAYER. Smplayer is a light qt4 frontend for mplayer. VLC can’t play Real Videos. Mplayer with windows dlls can play .rm

  10. Koko Says:

    no it shouldn’t. DragonPlayer has so much better ergonomic of UI.

  11. Sergio Pistone Says:

    I have installed MPC+ffdshow on many machines and never had a problem with them but (as with everything) your mileage may vary. My guess is that turning decoding off for the offending codec in ffdshow will fix your issue (you would need to know which is the offending codec to do that though -or use try and error).
    But to clarify my point, when I said that MPC+ffdshow provides a better experience than anything on Linux (or Windows) I wasn’t talking just about being able to play videos; you can play almost anything since forever on Linux too (after all, most player on Linux can and use ffmpeg library too). I was referring to other thing such as support for multiple audio streams, DVD menus, subtitles (VERY important if you’re not from an English speaking country) and general user interface issues.

  12. mr_mediamulti Says:

    About lots of different media formats: Real honour belongs to ffmpeg project. VLC is just a player. For example MPlayer plays those files as well because it juses same decoders as well.

    I compiled it today: Lots of bugs in matroska parsing which makes it unusable for almoust all my multimedia files.

    Much better than wxwidgets version.

  13. jb Says:


    VLC with rm dll can ALSO read RealVideo!

  14. […] VLC 0.9.2 released For those who are stuck working on Windows PCs (aka: me), VideoLAN’s VLC is a God Send ™.  The team just […] […]

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