Time for storage on the cloud?

September 14, 2008

Some people say that animals can’t communicate with humans.  I disagree.  Why, just yesterday my beloved German sheperd let me understand in no uncertain terms: I’m too dependent on that new 1 TB external hard drive, as well as the data on that hard drive.


5 Responses to “Time for storage on the cloud?”

  1. Cláudio Gil Says:

    I noted a little bitterness in “my beloeved German sheperd”. 🙂 Do you have photo of the act? Maybe you should not have called “my new best friend” and kissed the drive in front of the dog. 🙂

  2. I have tried to adopt (more or less) the Google philosophy on this. Keep three copies of the data on different physical computers. And more ideally, have those computers be in separate locations. This could mean storage in the cloud, or maybe having a virtual private server, or just having a back up of data on a disk at the bank. Take your pick. I generally have my data on my desktop, then on my laptop and then on a server out somewhere on the Internet.

  3. WebChicklet Says:

    Like Kyle, I tend to be overly cautious and backup everywhere. I have backups on my external drive, my laptop, a usb flash drive, and in the cloud. I figure we’d have to have global destruction for me to lose every instance of a backup. It took several years and several catastrophic events to get me to that stage, however. Fortunately, at some point, I do learn. 🙂

  4. wadejolson Says:

    Right. Most of the data was held on another 500GB hard drive. And my core data is on a 320 GB external drive held off site.

    But you hate to see a new 1 TB drive go down so early in its young life.

  5. Check out http://www.getdropbox.com/ — just came out of beta this week and does automatic, versioned synching on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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