Be careful of what you wish for

August 26, 2008

Because I’m an Idiot ™, although I really liked the look of the Akademy shirts, I never actually bought one.  I was thinking about it the last day, but got tied up and then had to leave.  Of course, immediately after departing, I wanted one.  So I emailed Sebas and asked if he could pick me up a shirt.  And I’m glad that he got one for me, because it sounded like a simple 72 Step Process to figure out your actual size.

So I get home from work and I see a package sitting on my steps.  It has “USA” in the address and postage paid in euros.

Could it be?  How did Sebas send out a shirt so quickly when he was at a conference?  Looking closer, this actually looked like the packaging from the motherboard that I smuggled (still sitting on a pillow) through U.S. Customs for Sebas – this had to be from him.  I finally notice the return address.  And when I opened it up, there were not one, but TWO shirts in it (one for Molly).  Awesome.  Now I owe Sebas two shirts and hefty shipping costs, Franz two meal tickets and Rex a cab ride.  I’m a freeloader.

But wait – there was a letter inside.  Was Sebas taking a moment to say hi?  It’s weird to actually get letters when you always talk via email.  So I started reading it:

You’ve got to be kidding me.  This is what I have to do to repay him for some Akademy shirts?  The shirts are great of course, but this is downright embarrassing.  It’s extortion is what it is.  Can’t the other board members do something about this?

In the meantime, a threat is a threat.  So Sebas, here’s your photo.  Hope you’re pleased with yourself:

Next year I’m buying my own shirts.  Do you know how long it took to find this stuff?


25 Responses to “Be careful of what you wish for”

  1. Zack Rusin Says:

    On a scale from 0 to 10 you get a “#” (breaks a scale and wraps around). I almost peed myself and my donkey had a heart attack (both events are loosely related).

  2. Ed Cates Says:

    That is frakkin’ hilarious. I’m laughing so hard the tears are rolling.

    Sebas drives a mean bargain! Wade, those shirts are dearly paid for.

    Thanks for sharing this….

    –Ed, KDE Bigot^H^H^H^H^HUser for 12 years, and counting.

  3. Jeffro Says:

    oh man, after a crappy first day back at college…. that just made everything all better. I’m just not sure if I should thank you or Sebas.

  4. Andreas Says:

    Funniest blog post I’ve ever read.
    What a brilliant idea.

  5. Michael "haha" Howell Says:

    Wow! You got the raw end of the deal ;).

  6. TheGZeus Says:

    I live in Richfield and will give you $20 or the purchase price(greater of the two, or your choice) for that Jesus picture.
    I love me a crazy Jesus picture.

    I’d offer an insane image of mysef in some weird white elephat trade chain, but I’ll do embarassing things at the drop of a hat, so that’s cheap… Want anything specifically bug tested? 😉

  7. Myrtti Says:

    OH CHRIST! no wait…

    /me splurts her coffee out of her nose scaring her guinea pigs

  8. +1 to Sebas for the best repayment plan ever.
    +1 to Wade for repaying.

    Made my day.

  9. I didn’t know the T-Shirts were *that* good 🙂

  10. Francesco Says:

    Best Planet-KDE-post of the year so far… 🙂

  11. Ba Says:

    Those are some intensely patriotic sunglasses you are wearing there!

  12. sebas Says:

    Fair enough. I can live with the result yielded. 🙂

    Awesome blog.

  13. Mike Arthur Says:

    Sebas, Wade: You rock my world!

  14. Kevin Dean Says:

    You guys are awesomely evil, keep it up!

  15. santus Says:

    absolutely hilarious LOL

  16. Elvis Stansvik Says:


  17. Padma Says:

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful!


  18. ikutsukahat Says:

    Hahaha 😀

  19. Gesslar Says:

    I have starred this in google reader.
    I’m not sure which is making me laugh more, the glasses or the picture.

  20. Oh man, this is priceless. Awesome!!! =:) Is there anywhere online that I could buy one of these shirts from? I have a distinct shortage of KDE-wear. =:( Or, for that matter, if there are extras, I wonder if Thiago might be able to bring one out to the GSOC mentor’s summit? XXL? =:D

  21. […] even speaks of a “Post Akademy blues”. Once adjusted, normal life continues. Wade continues to be funny. And we are still writing […]

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