Living the glamourous life in a one star no tell-motel

August 16, 2008

The French finally created a Maginot Line to stop a German.  But they kept one in, not kept one out.

Paris decided that a picture-perfect trip couldn’t end without a hitch.  I left for the CDG a full three hours before my departure today and still didn’t make it.  Massive Metro issues.  Sure, they had some closed stations during my 6 days there – but then they closed down the main artery to CDG starting this morning.  Did anyone hear about this on the news or see any posting in the Metro stations this week?  Because I sure didn’t.

And neither did plenty of other passengers, because Chatelet, Les Halles, Gare du Nord and other stations had police there directing people.  Most annoying because, Gare du Nord is the last station where you can transfer over to the RER line to CDG – take out that node and you’re not leaving people a lot of options.  Finally a Metric Butt Load (MBL) of travelers were put on a plain ole’ RATP/RER out to CDG.  Was there some shortcut I didn’t know about?  Doubtful as there were pilots on the train as well.

Arriving at the station with 1/2 hour to spare, boarding was just about to start.  Didn’t matter though, as the baggage handlers were not interested in loading any more bags.  And the agent wasn’t exactly on my side, as the alternative was a $250 USD surcharge for each ticket to reschedule us for tomorrow.  Paid on commission?

So here I sit, watching the clock tick in an airport hotel with a bus full of other travelers that didn’t make their flights.  Great news, had I checked the RATP site (French only, English doesn’t have it), I would have seen the note (if it was up before the outage anyway).  And that Gare de Lyon pipe dream detour the list…yeah right.  But I was on the line just two days ago, and don’t recall any notices or anything on the loud speaker – did anyone else?

Maybe I expect too much, but I have nothing else to sit and stew over a hefty surcharge playing out to the World’s Worst R&B station that I get to listen to in the WiFi hotspot.  So, I pretty much just wanted to blog and bitch, but of course Jos had to steal my thunder and have a more compelling story of misfortune.  He always has to be the best at everything.  Hopefully both Jos and Kenny are ok; I just have to deal with sleeping in a roach motel for one night, and trying again tomorrow.  Is my spirit beyond repair like Jos’ car?  Jamais!


6 Responses to “Living the glamourous life in a one star no tell-motel”

  1. John Says:

    Are you sure there is no english version of

    There is a union jack flag on top right.

  2. wadejolson Says:

    Sorry, to clarify; I didn’t see any construction notice on the English version.

  3. jospoortvliet Says:

    Poor you… Sorry for having a more interesting accident 😉

    And good luck getting home!

  4. manu Says:

    Aw! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience… I must say, even in French, the RATP website is fairly messy. Not that their counter are any better though…

  5. S. Says:

    Oy. :/ Hope you’ll make it in one piece eventually. Now you know why even we natives avoid the whole Paris area like the plague. You’d think they’d get their act together eventually…

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