Akademy – Day 5 morning notes

August 13, 2008

Final notes from me.

  • Rule of thumb: When $number_of_beers > $hours_of_sleep, you may be in trouble regardless of the values.
  • Thanks to our sponsors for Akademy 2008.  Everything they’ve done is appreciated.
  • In between beer and beer+1 last night, I noted to Sebas that our board seems to be working really well together.  I like the complimentary strengths.  With my job, a big part of how I grade my success is how I shield my employees from the pain points, obstacles, and difficult situations.  In the same way, our board takes care of plenty of issues, from complex to custodial.  These efforts keep the eV and the community at large from getting tied down – and they deserve our thanks (as if a free dinner isn’t enough).
  • Riddell raced a taxi car to the event this morning and nearly won.  Well, to be fair, it was an American car.
  • Attended a Bof on event organization.  I’m really  impressed with the amount of work done by our Akademy 2009 coordinator.  It looks to be in good hands.
  • On a similar note, we all know how tight the timelines are to pull off a Jamaica event in January.  More information should be coming out in the next week or two.  As you recall, we weren’t going to discuss this event to conflict with Akademy.  Well, that’s now almost over.  The effort to successfully pull off a January event on such short notice is daunting and I’m unsure as to whether it can be done – the next 2-3 weeks will be telling.
  • Akarsh (the arrival from India) indeed arrived in one piece.  Welcome!
  • Everything has come to a grinding halt – pizza is here.  People have priorities and it looks like the local Pizza Hut binges have still been insuficient.
  • Ok, I unfortunately have to leave now.  I won’t get to say goodbye to a lot of people, and didn’t even get to talk to plenty of people.  One example would be Dirk, who I just saw in passing.  I wanted to give Dirk a high five and a personal thanks for attending the Release Event in January – he was a primary example of a core European KDE contributor that made the long trip over to San Fransisco, and it did not go unnoticed.

Off to Bruges, then Paris, then Minneapolis.  Later everyone.


7 Responses to “Akademy – Day 5 morning notes”

  1. Ian Monroe Says:

    Bruges is fun even if is a bit corny at times. Some of the scenes are so ideally beautiful. If it had city walls, it would have everything you would want an old European city to have. 😉

  2. liquidat Says:

    Thanks very much for your detailed notes over the last days, it very much helped the people who had to stay at home!

  3. Matej Repinc Says:

    Thanks for the partial coverage of the Akademy 2008 on your blog, really gave me some inside information, since I’m not there 🙂
    Thanks again,
    Matej Repinc

  4. Ian Monroe Says:

    Ah yea, agree with liquidat. 🙂

  5. shamaz Says:

    Thank you for all these short -but interesting- notes !

  6. Lydia Says:

    Was nice to finally meet you 🙂

  7. Redrum Says:

    Will KDE be available for Plan 9? I’d like to try a Live CD of KDE 4.1/Plan 9.

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