Akademy – Day 4 afternoon notes

August 12, 2008

Short set of notes; there’s a train to catch:

  • Booth box contents suck.  This is not a shocking statement.  We’re going to do something about it.
  • Knut gave a speech that I only caught half of.  Which is unfortunate because it’s exactly a topic that I’m interested in (from what I did hear).  I need to find him and discuss.
  • Jos did a couple of new interviews that sounds great.  They’re longer ones, so they may take a couple several days to refine and post.
  • Ruphy is going start walking the other way when he sees me. Or running.   Every time I spot him, I grab him and talk about work to be done.  I hav a feeling he’s going to lecture Nuno, David, Ken and others for throwing him alone to the wolves for this conference.
  • Some discussions went on already about next year’s Grand Canaria event from what I gather.  Didn’t get to sit in, but I’m just nosey enough to find out more tonight.
  • Aaron just walked by and asked, “Did you see the panel event where I asked the question…”  Oh, this sounds good.  Signing of.

3 Responses to “Akademy – Day 4 afternoon notes”

  1. 🙂 Sending love to Ruphy 🙂
    Bug me wen ever you feel like it!

  2. teezee Says:

    I really like your notes, keep them coming!

  3. Aarse Ego Says:

    Nice to see you all. It rocks!

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