Akademy – Day 2 morning notes

August 10, 2008

For those not at Akademy, more semi-coherent observations:

  • Where’s Rex?  I didn’t see Rex Dieter at the end of the first day or this morning, and I owe him a cab fare.  I will send out the blood hounds and a search party if I don’t see him soon.  Maybe the ruthless Camera Crew Union got to him as well?
  • Never fear, for the former e.V. resident president is here.  Eva gave me a ride over to the campus instead.
  • New Maxim: “Given 20 or more routes to take from point A to point B, a KDE developer will always take the only route that directly blocks a camera.”  I’ll most likely prove this via Induction after lunch.
  • As always seems to be the case, the schedule seems to work out so that the very talks I want to see are at the same time.
  • DigiKam: Seems like an early adopter of Pillars of KDE and integration of new technologies.  Already Solid, Phonon, and Marble with Nepomuk coming soon.
  • In a perfect moment of synchronicity: Gilles talked about DigiKam’s use of Marble, and I walked into the other room and Inge was talking about Marble embedded in DigiKam.
  • I like listening to developers switch in to “User Mode” and ask questions of other developers on their own expectations for how applications should work.
  • Amarok: Conference by committee.  Projet updates and progress by 7 or 8 team members.  The only prolem is that I had gotten a disco ball and some smoke machines ready for some demos.  Oh well, I guess I’ll move them down by the ping pong tables – make sure to wear your club gear in the cafeteria.
  • If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen: The conference rooms are really warm; I need to step outside between talk to cool off.
  • Franz and I are counting “aahs” and “umms” in the speeches and we just ran out of ink.  Can someone spare a pen?  After staying in Paris last week and shaking the rust off my French, I can understand the joys of giving speeches in other languages.  Even when I went to school there, I never felt entirely natural giving speeches in French.
  • We have talks this year from Prasanth Udupa, Park Shinjo, and Pradeepto Bhattacharya.  Great to see more visibility and involvement from our community members around the Marble ™.
  • Projector issues delayed the Marble talk by Patrick.  Bogus.  Hopefully it’s rescheduled.

One Response to “Akademy – Day 2 morning notes”

  1. Rex Dieter Says:

    Tomorrow, for sure. It’s a date. 🙂

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