Akademy – Day 2 afternoon notes

August 10, 2008

To quench your Akademy thirst while waiting for Jos’ Dot stories:

  • Given: “Marble is going to save the world.” Follow-up question: “But in what file format?”
  • Seeing KDE 4.X run seemingly fine on Asus EiEiOhs is pretty cool.  Lydia just showed me hers that actually uses compositing and it seems smoother than on my Thinkpad with ATI.  Intel graphics FTW.
  • The afternoon key note on technology and poverty was pretty interesting.  Good speaker.  You can get wrapped up in the technology enough that you forget to think about the implementation.  Hearing more about KDE implementations in schools and such – pretty important, so please keep passing along KDE success stories.
  • Being a board member has its perks.  They ignore the signs on the front doors that read, “Don’t use these doors during talks.”  They may also park in handicap spots.
  • Paul Adams has practically dared me to heckle him in his speech currently going on.  That’s a sirius dare indeed.
  • Celeste and Ellen are sitting together for a talk, causing an epicenter of usability and design excellence.  All applications within 10 meters have become 12% more user friendly.
  • We apparently went over 300 attendees or the first time ever.  That’s great, but if not for the Beijing Olympics going on at the same time, I’m certain we would have had one or two hundred thousand more.
  • The Marble speech (earlier sabotaged due to other project jealousy) has been rescheduled and is now going on.  To keep Inga from Sveeden in every blog, it goes without saying that he (a Marble contributor) is in the audience but busy hacking on Marble.  One cool note is that Marble may get the ability to become an Open Street Editor in the future.
  • Have I mentioned that marble really, really needs to be in the installer dialogs for time zones.  I just tried some new distro versions in my quest to get 4.1 and some still have cover-your-eyes aweful installers.  People either want to set their time zone because they know 1) their time-zone and simply want a drop-down or 2) know where they are on the planet.  Cut out the licensing excuses or whatever and do it right.  [/rant]
  • Thanks to the amarokstars, attendees have the ability to get a coupon for 1 free month of Magnatune downloads.  Cool.  Now if I can manage to download 12,000 songs, this trip just paid for itself.
  • Historically, the Belgian indigenous must have been roughly 27 feet tall.  Evey set of stairs in the country, including those at the university, make you walk really fast or two 2-3 strides per step.  Not sure if these gradual steps are to combat steep outside stairs of ice and snow in the winter, or construction crews are just insane.  Ideas?
  • People just came out of the QtWebKit and Graphic View talks staring blankly with their mouths open.  Cool stuff going on.
  • Top LPM ratio (Laughs per Minute) goes to Zack’s speech.  Duh.  5-to-1 favorite going into the event.
  • A dying battery has me near a power outlet, so I can hear the Akonadi rumble, but not see the slides.

5 Responses to “Akademy – Day 2 afternoon notes”

  1. Dominic Says:

    Are you guys recording the presentations?

  2. NamShub Says:

    Just a quick note to let you know I really enjoy reading your little micro-summaries like this.

    Hope you’ll continue writing them for the entire event!

    And hopefully we will be able to see slides/videos of the speeches soon 🙂

  3. Toogy Says:

    > They may also park in handicap spots.

    I hope that was a joke. Otherwise, what right do board members have to infringe on the privileges accorded to the handicapped people?

  4. jospoortvliet Says:

    Amazing good highlights from the event, Wade! Why don’t you help writing dot story’s?

  5. Mike Arthur Says:

    “Sirius dare”?

    Oh come on, that joke is as bad as one of Paul’s!

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