Akademy – Day 1 notes so far

August 9, 2008

  • Tackat is trying to convince everyone that this is a Marble conference.  I suspect he’ll have new banners up by tomorrow.
  • Lubos’ hair is a lot bluer than the picture shows, and the blue actually might be from the Oxygen palette.  It looks awesome.
  • Sebas’ camera has a Moron setting, and it was still too difficult for me.  On the scale of being dim-witted, what is moron-1?  And does anyone have a camera with such a setting for me?
  • Vincent Untz – Just listened to his talk.  It’s weird to see in person after only knowing him for several years with a large, semi-ridiculous hat.
  • Preliminary calculations show Zack 17% sexier so far in 2008.  We’ll update you as we learn more, but we had thought he was running at maximum capacity at the Release Event.  We’re tapping in some grid computing options to get more accurate modeling (see get it, that’s what we in the industry call a double entendre)
  • Lack of power jacks in the auditorium make people shut their laptops off and from time to time actually listen to the talks.
  • Danny has yet to interact with another human – he is incessantly working on Commit Digests.  But people owe him responses to his email inquiries.  My goal is to get him answers.
  • Jos scores some points with me for wearing a Release Event tee-shirt.  Franz for having Be Free and Don’t Look Back images on his PC.  The rest of you haven’t scored any points yet and frankly need to start trying a little harder.
  • Ade has a pink whip.  Not sure how to follow up that sentence.
  • Thiago cheered me up with an idea that dawned on him in the shower recently.  Combined with Aaron’s brainstorming and Moments of Clarity ™ in the bath tub, I’ve never been more certain that KDE’s future success depends on bathing habits.  It goes without saying that by Monday I will have the coding marathons happening in a hot tub.

5 Responses to “Akademy – Day 1 notes so far”

  1. blauzahl Says:

    I think hot tubs should be considered in the next aKademy/whatever proposals.

    Otherwise, I think this is the best writeup so far. The WTF value is very high, making it quite entertaining. I give it two thumbs up and 5 stars.

  2. blauzahl Says:

    Oh, and the blue was supposed to be Oxygen palette blue. 🙂

  3. Oszkar Says:

    *A* hot tub, or several ones?

  4. Kit Says:

    This is what makes Akademy great… I don’t mean the coding, I mean the non-stop stream of hilarious blogs!

  5. Michael "I suck" Howell Says:

    I suck, I’m not there 😉

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