Akademy – Day 1 afternoon notes

August 9, 2008

Some more rapid-fire thoughts from Day 1.  Intently listening, I promise.  This post will be twice as incomprehensible than the last, or your monkeys back.  See, off to a fast start.

  • Nokia loves KDE.  They said so, I heard them.
  • Talking about different types of developers and coding/contributing methods, Michael Pyne was referenced.  Michael, if you’re out there, you’re now officially an “archetype.”  Everyone with a war spoon should have this type of visibility and responsibility.
  • Inge is asking some hard hitting questions.  I like that he is pressing Nokia based on their market share and global footprint should throw their weight around.  Does the 800-pound gorilla not realize its size?
  • I’ve witnessed proof of Jos fastidiously taking notes for Dot daily recaps.  Awesome.  Expect them.
  • KDE 4.1 desktops vastly outnumber 3.X series from what I’ve seen thus far.  You’d think it would be expected, but I would have been queasy showing up and see all KDE devs still using 3.5.  Rest assured: Using the awkward analogy of dogs and dog food, KDE 4.1 is being eaten.  Even further, many, many attendees have compositing up and running.  Good sign for kwin and people figuring out drivers, etc.
  • There seems to be some professional filming of the talks going on – hopefully this translates into professional videos online.  I haven’t heard about the format or avilability yet.  Don’t see anything on the Akademy site yet, but this bodes well for those wanting to view online presentations.
  • Note: While I was typing the previous bullet point, a camera man actually walked up and filmed me for about 2 minutes.  You can’t make this up.  Great, now I’m on a Belgian Academic watchlist.  I gay-ron-tee this footage either ends up in an Akademy video, or is being sent to the Bruxelles train station to detain me.  The Camera Crew Union is powerful indeed and aware of all communications.  Don’t they understand I was complimenting them?  If this is my last blog transmission, tell my family I love them.
  • Speaking of videos, I also saw a video being filmed in passing with some KDE games folks.  Interesting to see the results of that.
  • Celeste’s boyfriend (and now fiance) is not here, which means I need a new karaoke partner.  I think he’s in Beijing going for the Karaoke gold.  Yes, we were that good.
  • And with more perfect timing, Celeste just started a talk and referenced a Puff Daddy lyric not 10 seconds ago.  The fact that I got this reference is depressing me.  Camera Crew Union, I am now ready to meet my fate.

7 Responses to “Akademy – Day 1 afternoon notes”

  1. Markus Says:

    Hey, that is really nice to read your comments, you have a fine humor! Hope you and the others are enjoying Akademy like it seems!

  2. xdmx Says:

    enjoy at akademy 🙂 i wish to be there too 😦

    btw, a little OT… guys, i’ve seen any of you on the planet talking about the qt version of firefox. has been said something there at akademy ? (as nokia is working with mozilla for this purpose, and nokia is there…)
    what do you think? 🙂

  3. Kit Says:

    >Nokia loves KDE. They said so, I heard them.

    Yeah, but are they *in love* with KDE?

  4. Michael Pyne Says:

    I was interested to hear that I was mentioned, what talk was this in so I can see? 🙂

  5. wadejolson Says:

    Michael: The talk was by Sebas and Dirk about the Future of KDE Development. You were cited as a developer that is silent for a while, then extremely productive with commits – where a standard calendar-based development cycle isn’t ideal.

  6. Danny Allen Says:

    I thought it was a Notorious BIG reference!

  7. Jørgen Ramskov Says:

    Love your quick notes from Akademy!

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