Inevitable blogging frenzy

August 8, 2008

Even though I’m sitting here in a hotel room actually paying for wireless access, it’s well worth my time to remind my gentle readers that: with Akademy starting tomorrow, the Planet will likely be cycling through blogs pretty quickly.  Be sure to stop back frequently as Ferris Bueller said (paraphrasing): “Blogging sites move pretty fast.  Do something something or you could miss something.”  Deep – no wonder that movie made so much money.

PS – I’m in the Novotel Centrum in Mechelen.  If people want to share rides to and from the conference, let me know.  I wanted to bike, but the bikes don’t sound all too cheap to rent.  I’ll be cabbing tomorrow morning to give myself time to figure out this scary new city I don’t yet understand after being here for 15 minutes (insert Caveman lawyer quote here).


6 Responses to “Inevitable blogging frenzy”

  1. Jonathan Thomas Says:

    The calm before the storm…

  2. Paul Says:

    I generally just read the blogs that come with interesting pictures(screenshots mostly) so I won’t have too much reading to do I think

  3. Gunirus Says:

    Bikes are 10 euro / day or 60 for a week 😉

  4. Kevin Kofler Says:

    IMHO, the real problem here is that planet sites don’t archive nearly enough. Posts fall off the bottom way too quickly, and there’s no archive provided (at least none that I could find). Would providing, say, 5 pages of archives (with each page carrying as many posts as the current single page) really be that hard to implement? Ideally, I think everything should be archived, as on mailing lists, but I do realize the storage and performance issues there. (And yes, I know individual blogs usually archive everything, but scouting all the blogs on the planet for archives is highly impractical, that’s why we have the planets in the first place.)

  5. Ian Monroe Says:

    Kevin, Amarok is using the Aggregator module of Drupal. It archives up to 2 months (no idea why there is a limit at all…).

    It probably wouldn’t be too hard for someone to do the same for…

  6. Richard Moore Says:

    There are also a bunch of us in the NH which is 2 mins away from the Novotel.

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