LTFT: Why wasn’t I 50 seconds faster?

August 5, 2008

LifeTime Fitness Triathlon: Operation Complete.  As I noted in my last post, I was contestant 3636.  I had permanent marker with 3636 put on each arm.  Further, they put your age on the back of each calf muscle to know which heat you’re in: well, since the rules base age on your age as of Dec 31, 2008, that’s 36 as well.  So I had 6 36 markings on my body and I came in….39th place.  50 seconds faster and I would have been in my rightful 36th place.

In total; 4200 participants did triathlons or various relay events.  In the sprint course, which I did, there were 1011 participants.  So…39th place out of 1011?  I’ll take it.  Even better is that I placed 12th overall in the cycling portion.  The course is hilly, technical (many 90+ degree turns) has thousands of people on it – not ideal for high speeds, and everyone’s averages reflect that.

But the weather was good, and I finished about 1 minute faster than I projected.  It’s crazy that you can accurately gauge to within a minute, but after training this much, you can narrow even that variance down to “weather conditions.”

Swim:  Wasn’t bad at all going out, but as I knew would be the case, there was a log jam in my way on the swim back.  The two waves in front of me were, to be polite, brackets that were known not to be competitive.  Why would they put these groups in front of us?  No clue, but it was irritating getting back to shore.

Bike: Obstacle course.  How many people can you swerve around without crashing?  I lost count around 150.  I salute the 11 faster contestants, I have no idea how they managed higher speeds.

Run: As is always the case for cyclists, I don’t leave much in the fuel tank for the remaining 5k.  But I’ll take take the time.

On July 27th, I then completed the Chisago Triathlon.  The bike course was really annoying, but at least allowed for faster speeds.  They haven’t posted the results yet – I’ll be blogging about that race after Akademy.

After these races, I stayed true to my word and have only eaten junk food for two weeks.  I asked Molly how to summarize my eating habits, and she recapped, “70% sugar and 30% lard.”  I’d say that’s fair.  But I did get timed in the mile last night at 5:56, so these legs are still strong enough to carry the extra tire.

Off to my Akademy flight now! (will be in communicado for next 3 days).


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