KDE 4.1 and Amarok 2.0 alpha

July 30, 2008

Well, installed SUSE 11.0 and KDE 4.1 on my Thinkpad.  That sentence itself deserves a very long blog entry, and we’ll get there.  But it may have to wait.  Since this tagline was thrown onto the homepage…

…I need to spend some more time on concept clarification.  Stay tuned.

But, the 4.1 release, combined with the impending Beijing Olympics and my sleep deprivation have combined to make the World’s (T-t-t-torsten combo breaker: marble) Most Inappropriate Placard ™ of gratitude:

Thanks devs.  Now get in line for a drug test.  The quantity and quality of commits can’t be natural.

On the Amarok side, the second alpha leads me to ask:

This will be me in roughly four days at the NIN concert.  Yes Celeste, that means that they showed up specifically for my birthday.  Friends do that for each other.

Anyway, if you’re so deranged that you want larger versions of these images, you know where to find them.  More interesting imagery and blog entries forthcoming (after sleep).


9 Responses to “KDE 4.1 and Amarok 2.0 alpha”

  1. Mark Kretschmann Says:

    Wow, big thanks for the Amarok image! Looks damn cool.

  2. Ian Monroe Says:

    Yea, freakin’ awesome. 🙂

  3. Ben Arnold Says:


    Big thanks to the KDevs too, it’s getting good =)

  4. seele Says:

    Ouch. Does it make you feel any better that I’m going to Akademy for my birthday instead of sticking around for the NIN show (*sob*)? 😀

  5. Sebastian Sauer Says:

    And lot of thanks for your images. They are incredible fantastic 🙂

  6. Alexandra Says:

    I love those. 🙂
    Now I’m curious what drugs testers might find…

  7. Albert Astals Cid Says:

    I must be getting old but i find the drugs image quite unfortunate.

  8. ethana2 Says:

    Aww, don’t feel bad Albert– you should see what the /GNOME/ folks are on!

  9. seele Says:

    “NIN Minneapolis show at Target Center postponed to November 25th”


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