Plasma: Speak up

July 14, 2008

I hadn’t been to in a little while, so I browsed the site today.  The “Plasma Themes” section is growing pretty quickly.  Not sure if this is due to the recent Plasma theme contest, but there are already some themes that look pretty sharp.  Hopefully people can put in some more time to get their respective themes in place for the upcoming 4.1 release.  Like plug-in developers, it’s always appreciated when theme creators clearly note compatibility and completeness and refresh with releases.

Speaking of 4.1, since I don’t really have the time to deal with SVN updates, I’m already looking forward to LiveCDs based on 4.1 RC 1 (due out soon).  We’re all pretty spoiled with how fast the turnaround times are on these updates.  I’m guessing Plasma will take another little leap forward from the Beta LiveCD I tried just a week or two ago.

So, although a vocal minority may have enjoyed bagging Plasma for the past couple of months, I have a sneaking suspicion that plenty of people like myself are happy with the progress and direction.  And more people need to speak up and support this progress.

To show my adoration for the Plasma team, I’ve whipped up a new Be Free image.  The original 2400X2400 can be found with the other images here.  Don’t be shy to profess your love for Plasma and my marketing talents.  We may be like the hot cheerleaders, but we’re more approachable than you think.  Just don’t take us to Applebee’s on the first date, or we’re going right back to Thad the star quarterback.


7 Responses to “Plasma: Speak up”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Haha dude I’ve just fallen in love with you ;-).

    So here I go and step up and say: Yes, Plasma is awesome. Keep rockin!

  2. Mark Kretschmann Says:

    The image looks pretty damn awesome. How did you make that heart?

  3. Bernhard Says:

    wow.. that looks cool 🙂 just switched my wallpaper 🙂

    what about getting this into the 4.1 release? (and maybe also some of the other great wallpapers about kde I’ve seen the last months)

  4. Thorben Says:

    Can I get the heart image without the caption? (Even if I agree with you: Plasma is shaping up extremely well 🙂 )


  5. Hello,

    How did you made this image?
    I mean the plasma-like strings and shades…
    What software do you use for that?
    I love graphics design but I always wondered how to draw such things…
    Or if you’re not the author of the image, how can I contact him/her?

    Keep up the good work!

  6. mutlu Says:

    I just installed RC1… I looooooooove plasma! Thank you all so much for the amazing new KDE! 🙂

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