Quick Thoughts

July 10, 2008

  • GUADEC: Our friends at GNOME are in full throttle at GUADEC.  Hope you’re all having a good time.  Sign of things to come?
  • Bug Squad: You know, these people are really doing a bang-up job.  Another great way to contribute and give back to KDE.  Great work on making triaging bugs as fun as triaging bugs can be.
  • Adobe: Nice job on PDF format becoming ISO standard.
  • Release numbers: Stupid prime numbers always ruin my fun.  For KDE release, we have “Life begins at 4.0“, “4.2: The Answer” “Magnum 4.4: Making Your Day” and “Feelin’ good with (Colt) 4.5“.  Yes, that’s why KDE pays me so freaking much for marketing.  But what about those stupid prime 41 and 43 references?  God, the clock is ticking – think Olson think!
  • Japan KDE user group:  Great blog entry.  See, these are the things we need to hear about more often.
  • FISA: WTF is going on in this country?  Senator Palpatine’s (and his new apprentice’s) plot in the new SW movies to have the people gleefully hand over their rights time over time is like a goddamned blueprint.  First George Lucas gives us the ewoks and Jar Jar, now he creates the script for our government to follow.  Damn you George Lucas.  Within 2 years I’ll have to sit on a Stormtrooper’s lap to use the internet.  Speaking of Obama, Jesse Jackson continues his streak of hurting more than helping (see: comments on Jewish community, extramarital affairs, Rainbow Coalition payrolls, Duke scandal, Chicago brawl).  He needs to square off against Joe Lieberman in a game of “Who’s side are you on anyway???” (Oh, am I going to catch heat for this comment)
  • Vista promotion: Well, it’s not how we do marketing here at the KDE MWG, but each to their own.  Instead of burning 1/3 of a bil to tell people what they already don’t believe, KDE just went the route of making software that doesn’t suck and spending nothing. (Apart from the MWG Powerboat.  Now where the hell is my sunscreen?) Regardless of how awesome our developers are, if you still want to help stockpile $300 million (translation: 62 euros) for a rainy day fund, knock yourself out.
  • Interview: Today I interviewed a potential employee.  After lulling him into complacency with typical questions on sorting algorithms and database normalization, I asked, “Which sucks more: EJB or Swing, and why?”  POW!  Didn’t see that one coming did you?
  • Triathlon: First triathlon of the season is this upcoming Saturday.  My body is starting to fall apart from training – let’s get these races over.  My last one is right before I get on a plane to go to Akademy, so after many months of training, I might actually die from shock after going two weeks on only belgian beer, chips, waffles and chocolate.  Look for me to gain approximately 45 pounds during my time there.

9 Responses to “Quick Thoughts”

  1. TheBlackCat Says:

    I’d do “4.1: over the hill”, which I would say is appropriate from a certain point of view, but that is usually 40 not 41. Or do something with your “prime” idea and 4.1 being ready for “prime time” maybe? Or is that too nerdy? (I guess it isn’t any worse than a DNA reference) “4.1: We’re ready for prime time.” or “4.1: Are you ready for prime time?” I’m grasping at straws here.

    43 is a bit more difficult. Let’s see what does wikipedia have to say about the number… lots of obscure math stuff that isn’t particularly relevant…43 is the atomic number of technetium, which sounds like technology…M43 is a nebula near the Orion Nebula…the number of a race car…some other sports stuff…the NASA x-43 is a hypersonic research aircraft and the fastest jet-powered aircraft so far with a top speed of mach 9.6, triple the previous record-holder. That’s about all I can find for that number..

  2. Adriaan de Groot Says:

    A friend of mine has a T-shirt that reads “43” with subtext “Registered number J-287”. I’m not quite sure what to make of it: cheap meaningless Chinese shirt-text or evidence of a own-an-integer racket like the own-a-star ones?

  3. Louis Says:

    What about “4.1: MySQL did it, too!” in terms of MySQL 4.0 being somewhat experimental and 4.1 the one you wanted to use?

  4. k3ninho Says:

    After Alexandre Dumas’ Three Musketeers: “All 4.1 and 4.1 for all!”


  5. florian Says:

    I’d suggest you take licor 43 as an inspiration for KDE 4.3. The german slogan is “Spain’s smooth temptation”, so that would be something like “KDE’s smooth temptation” 🙂

  6. M.Pomme Says:

    Maybe a play with the already found tagline for 4.2 ?

    4.1 – When will we be ready?
    4.2 – The Answer

  7. Markus Says:

    K3ninhos idea seems great: “All 4.1 und 1.4 all” or so

  8. Jonathan Says:

    @WTF is up with this country: Remember it is a Democratic controlled Congress that passed the FISA bill, a Democratic controlled Congress that couldn’t get the Dodd ammendment which removed the telcom immunity portion of things passed and also the Democratic Presidential Caninidate who voted Yes for the bill after promising in his campaign that he wouldn’t vote for it. Hillary by the way stood by her word and voted against the bill.


  9. Thomas Zander Says:

    4.1; this one actually *is* for you…
    4.2; The answer
    4.3; Titanic arrived savely

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