Even More Hand Waving

June 24, 2008

Do you know why I’m waving?  Because in just a couple of weeks I’ll be waving goodbye temporarily to the most popular country in the world (the U.S.) and waving hello to everyone at AaKkademy.  It’s a great time to be from the States, everyone treats you like a rock star and reminds you how much they love our foreign policy.  Or so I assume.  Not sure what “yusuck” and “gobakhohmyanky” mean in various native tongues.  Babelfish doesn’t seem to help.

Booked my flight and just secured my hotel room last night.  This time of year, I’d expect to start seeing blog posts daily on AaKkademy travel plans and SoC progress, but things have been relatively quiet.  What gives?  Let’s see some entries on both.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Lydia for the reminder.

It’s a shame to unveil the new Oxygen team branding for KDE 5.0 years before it’s released, but such fine work needs to be shared.  I will now work on geting this version of the K and gear to animate for Konqueror.


3 Responses to “Even More Hand Waving”

  1. Hehe you forgot to add Paul’s famous “I am going to Akademy” batch 😛

    Looking forward to meet you and everyone else 🙂

  2. Hahaha. I really thought you believed that at first. I am not very fond of US’ policies, but I am not part of your culture – and so I really have no right to judge. A shame people can’t see the difference between a country and a person. Ignorance and smallmindedness.

    Hope your staying at akademy will exceed your expectations.

  3. Really Wade, you can quit using “AaKkademy”. It’s a horrible outdated in-joke and no one but marketing hard-liners are interested. It’s Akademy 2008, capital A.


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